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Fall Fishing Report for NYC

Summer in NYC is coming to an end, but the fishing season is far from over. With the fall months likely to offer some of the best fishing of the year, now is a great time to start planning for fishing trips in NYC in order to have a shot at catching all the fish that are in this area during September, October, and November.

Best Fish to Catch in NYC in the Fall

For many of the migratory fish in NYC, fall provides a great time each year as the fishing season peaks and the fish begin to head back towards warmer waters in the south after having spent the summer. Other fish will often be extremely active in the fall as they participate in more aggressive feeding to build up their energy reserves for the winter months when food is scarce.

The different fish that are in season at this time of year include:

  • Striped Bass
  • Ling
  • Tautog
  • Scup
  • Summer Flounder

There are multiple ways to fish for all of these different saltwater fish this fall, but many experienced and new anglers find that a fishing trip is the best way to get to where the fish are. It also gives them the best shot at catching a large number of fish, including a few impressive trophy fish.

This fall, the Marilyn Jean will run NYC fishing trips from Brooklyn with trips, departing every day and often with full day and half day options. A fishing trip on the Marilyn Jean promises a rewarding fishing trip, a chance to experience being on the water and fall weather, and a comfortable journey guided by a friendly captain and crew.

You can view all of our upcoming fishing trips on the calendar and purchase tickets for a fall fishing trip today.

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