Cod Fishing in NYC with Marilyn Jean

When it comes to fishing, cod is a top catch for new and experienced fishermen. They are difficult to find, but relatively easy to catch. Their size, generally between 10 and 40 pounds, makes for an impressive trophy, and frying them up once you get home is a tasty reward after a fishing trip.

For the best way to catch cod, Marilyn Jean Fishing provides fishing excursions open to the public along with NYC cod fishing charters for those that want something private. We depart from NYC and provide you, your group, and everyone else on the boat with a thrilling day of cod fishing. You can book online using our scheduling software, or call us if you’d like your own private charter. 

Enjoy Cod Fishing with Others or On Your Own Private Cod Fishing Charter

Cod are at their peak around NYC between December and April, but the populations are so massive in our part of the Atlantic that they are still present in places like New Jersey Shore, Rockaway Beach, Jamaica Bay, and other area fishing spots during the summer. 

We offer cod fishing boat experiences at different times of the year, including full day and partial day boat launches. You can join other excited novice, intermediate, and advanced fisherman out on the open water as we try to find as much cod, and other local fish, as we can. We also have private cod fishing charters available for those that want a more personalized experience. 

Members of your party are welcome to bring their own equipment, or use our rods, reels, hooks, and sinkers, all of which are included in your ticket. We provide the right bait for cod, fish cleaning, and ice buckets. If needed, we are able to give lessons to your group too.

While aboard, you will have access to all of our amenities. A comfortable deck and cabin with temperature control lets you enjoy being at sea in the winter months when cod are most plentiful. Private fishing charters can also include a catering package, or you can bring your own food and drinks.

What Makes Marilyn Jean Fishing Your Best Choice for Cod Fishing

Marilyn Jean Fishing has been providing fishing trips and private charters in NYC for years. We make our trips special by combining our years of fishing and piloting knowledge and modern vessels to provide you with:

  • In-Depth Knowledge of Fishing Populations – Outside of our private charters, we run almost daily fishing trips. This gives us up-to-date knowledge of cod populations so that we can get you to the right destination and maximize the number of cod you catch. 
  • High Tech and Comfortable Fleet – We have equipped the Marilyn Jean IV, Marilyn Jean V, and other boats in our fleet with the latest safety, navigation, and comfort equipment. Powerful engines get us to our fishing spot quickly, while climate control and a range of appliances keep you comfortable all day long.
  • Team of Experienced Anglers – Our team are all fishermen themselves and can give new fishermen step by step instructions for reeling in a cod or provide pro anglers with tips for the cod in our area.

Additionally, we take care to provide an excellent experience in all of our cod fishing events. Our team is there for you throughout the trip, whether you have a special request, unique destination in mind, or need pointers to hook the best catch of the day.

We leave several times a week with boats open to the public to catch cod and other fish, and can also arrange a fishing charter for cod for a small party or a group of more than 100. Book online today using our calendar, or contact us if you’d like your own private charter.