Mackerel Fishing in NYC with Marilyn Jean Fishing

Atlantic mackerel has become one of NYCs most elusive fish. Present only for a brief time in March and November as these fish migrate through the waters around NYC and off the coast of New Jersey, they are still a great catch for anglers of all ages and skill levels. Fishing for mackerel is fast paced, and will give you several pounds of fish between 1 and 2 feet long. But the limited numbers make party boat fishing for mackerel with an experienced captain one of the few ways that you can reliably hook these fish.

Marilyn Jean Fishing offers public fishing trips for mackerel in seasons when schools of mackerel are swimming in local waters. On a mackerel fishing trip aboard the Marilyn Jean, you, the rest of your party, and other enthusiastic anglers on board will experience a rewarding trip. View our upcoming mackerel trips if it is mackerel season, and purchase your tickets through our online calendar.

Our Atlantic Mackerel Fishing Trips

Atlantic mackerel are a nearshore species that swim together in schools just beneath the water’s surface. Schools can measure hundreds of feet if not miles long, so locating one nearly guarantees a large catch.

But locating mackerel is increasingly more challenging every season. Mackerel stocks have dwindled and their migratory paths shift from year to year. Going on a mackerel fishing trip aboard the Marilyn Jean with Captain Tony gives you the advantage of a captain who has years of experience with angling in local waters and knows all of the signs to look for when seeking out a mackerel school. When mackerel are biting, we have reliable success in getting to the center of the action.

Our NYC mackerel fishing trips start from Sheepshead Bay, which has often been a prime spot for mackerel in past years. You can bring your own fishing gear or use ours including rods, reels, and the specific Christmas tree and diamond jigs for catching mackerel, all included in the cost of your ticket. We also include the right bait to catch this season’s mackerel.

The number of mackerel in a single school and the near shore location make this fishing trip a great option for younger anglers or those new to the sport since we need limited travel time to get to the best spots. Once we find a school, you will often be catching mackerel as soon as you cast your line.

For most mackerel fishing trips, the challenge is more often what you were going to do with the several dozen pounds of mackerel you catch in a single trip, but with options for sushi, frying, pickling, salting and drying, and bait, you are not likely to have any problems.

Why Go Mackerel Fishing on the Marilyn Jean

Marilyn Jean Fishing offers the ultimate fishing experiences in NYC with trips running year round to catch all of the fish in local waters. We offer the perfect way to stock up on your supply of fresh caught fish, give you and your family a chance to try out fishing, and provide an enjoyable day out on the water.

Our trips are available as either half day, full day, or evening excursions that will take you to some of the best fishing locations in the area, including Jamaica Bay, Rockaway Beach, Coney Island, and more under Captain Tony, who can determine where fish are likely to be that day.

Some of the features you will enjoy while party boat fishing in NYC on the Marilyn Jean include:

  • Full Range of Amenities – Our 70-foot party boat and other boats in our fleet are fully equipped with all you need for a day out. A comfortable and climate controlled cabin, clean restrooms, and a well maintained deck will have you relaxed throughout the journey.
    Top Safety and Navigation Equipment – Our boats are also equipped with the latest technology for navigation and safety to ensure our trip goes smoothly.
  • Friendly Crew – Our crew is here to make sure you have a great day out on the water, from providing the equipment you need to keep line untangled as the mackerel fishing picks up. We also include complimentary fish cleaning services.
  • Up to Date Fishing Information – During mackerel seasons, we are sailing nearly every day to fish for mackerel and other fish in the area. We often know the places mackerel most recently spotted and where they are likely to be heading to next, increasing the chances that we will find some on your trip.

Mackerel fishing in NYC with Marilyn Jean Fishing is a top experience. You will spend the day surrounded by fishermen of all levels of experience and hopefully bring home a cooler full of fresh caught mackerel. View upcoming trips on our calendar and book your ticket for a spring or fall fishing trip to get a shot of the best mackerel fishing in New York City. If it’s not mackerel season, we still