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Fishing Report: April 25, 2024 – Excellent Fishing for the Guests

This whole week has been filled with some excellent fishing during the morning trips, and that continued on this morning’s trip. We went out from 7am to 3pm (which we are doing daily, for those that would like to join us) and caught a LOT of blackfish and ling. We spotted plenty of short blackfish, with some of our anglers catching home 40 (!!) shorts.

Blackfish has been in even more incredible demand. One of our guests hit the limit. Overall, an incredible morning out on the water.

Take a look at the outing:

Our 7pm to 12am trip was a little bit less successful. Earlier in the week we had a few shorts and keepers, but this evening outing wasn’t as successful. Still, there were some signs that some night fishing is about to pick up significantly, and we’re really excited to go out on the water tonight and see what’s in store.

Blackfishing season has only FOUR DAYS LEFT so come join us! Book your tickets today or call Capt. Anthony at 347-952-1442 or Capt. Tony at 646-413-1643. Private charters are also available.

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