NYC Fluke Fishing on the Marilyn Jean

Marilyn Jean Fishing offers party boat fishing trips for fluke between late spring and early fall. Our experienced crew takes you to the best feeding spots for summer flounder spending on the time of year, and provides all the high end equipment to help you hook an impressive fluke catch. Book your spot to join us on an upcoming fluke fishing trip in NYC.

Top Fluke Fishing Trips in NYC

Fluke, or summer flounder, is a flat fish that buries itself in the sand to wait for prey fish to drift by. This makes it a great fish for NYC bottom fishing. Fluke migrate into the bays and inlets around New York and New Jersey in May, and spend the rest of the summer around underwater reefs and wrecks best accessed by boat.

Aboard the Marilyn Jean, we have up to date information on fluke populations around NYC and regularly get to sports where you can expect to hook jumbo fluke and reach daily catch limits in locations like:

  • Jamaica Bay
  • Rockaway Beach
  • Sandy Hook
  • Raritan Bay, and More

Our fleet offers a comfortable setting for your fishing trip with well maintained decks, clean cabin space, and an onboard galley. We also provide rods, reels, rigs, buckets, and bait for catching fluke if you do not have the right equipment or prefer not to bring your own.

As a bottom fish, fluke is a good beginner fish as well, making our flounder trips a good choice for first time anglers or family fishing trips. Our friendly crew can provide lessons and tips if you need them to help you get the most out of your day on the water.

Depending on the time of year, you can often catch many of NYC’s best bottom feeding fish on a fluke fishing trip, including porgy, seabass, and triggerfish, guararnteeing an exciting fishing trip.

Why Fish for Flounder and Fluke with MJ Fishing?

Catching fluke requires knowing where the fish are and what they are eating at that time. The crew of the Marilyn Jean sails almost every day during the summer fishing season, so we have the latest information on where these populations and first hand experience for what bait they are going after are to increase your chances at a successful catch.

On a fishing trip with Marilyn Jean Fishing, you will spend a day surrounded by enthusiastic anglers of all skill levels aboard a boat that offers:

  • Powerful Twin Diesel Engines – Our boats are equipped with twin diesel engines, enabling us to get to our destinations quickly for more fishing time. You will also enjoy a smoother ride in rough waters.
  • Top Safety Features – Our U.S. Coast Gaurd-inspected fleet has all of the latest safety and navigation features to help us locate fish and keep you safe while at sea.
  • Full Service Crew – The captain and crew on the Marilyn Jean are dedicated to providing a top experience. We wlecome you onboard, provide any lessons or recommedations you need during fishing, and clean any fish you want to take home.

Fluke fishing trips on the Marilyn Jean are open to the public with options for full day, evening, and half day fishing trips. Walkup tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis, or we recommend purchasing your tickets on our calendar in advance to secure your spot.