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Long Island Fishing Trips

Long Island has many great freshwater fishing spots in the local lakes and ponds, as well as saltwater fishing from many spots on the coast. Yet one of the best ways to access fishing around Long Island is aboard a fishing boat that can take you directly to the action and provide an opportunity to catch any of the wide range of fish in waters around Long Island, New York City, and New Jersey.

Marilyn Jean Fishing has almost daily fishing trips throughout the year. Our trips leave from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and head to many different fishing locations around Long Island and New York Harbor for a fishing experience for all ages. You can purchase tickets in advance for upcoming trips online.

What Do We Fish for on the Marilyn Jean

The harbors, bays, and inlets around Long Island and NYC are the ideal environment for a number of different fish species. Each season has a few fish populations at their peak, making for the year round opportunities for fishing around Long Island. We offer fishing trips for:

  • Striped Bass
  • Porgy
  • Cod
  • Mackerel
  • Fluke
  • Tautog, and Others

Trip options will vary throughout the year. All year long, we traditionally offer trips that leave in the morning and return mid afternoon, giving you an entire day of fishing in multiple offshore destinations.

We also offer half day trips at different times, perfect for those who are newer to fishing and looking to try it out, younger anglers, and visitors to Long Island who already have a full schedule of things to see and do. Evening trips are also a great option and often get you out on the water at the time which fish are most active.

About Marilyn Jean Fishing – The Leading Fishing Charter in Long Island, NYC, and More

Fishing on board the Marilyn Jean offers an exciting experience for everyone. For experienced anglers, it is a great way to get to some of the best locations and cast for fish you will not find elsewhere. It is also a great way to try out the sport of fishing since rods, reels, and bait are included in your ticket costs. Fishing is also a great tourist activity that provides a different way to see Long Island NYC.

When you sail on the Marilyn Jean, our local knowledge, years of experience, and well maintained fleet will make sure you have a good time and see a good catch. We are able to provide:

  • Up to Date Knowledge- We have up to date fishing information and we continuously track where fish are, particularly migrating species like striped bass. Since we sail almost every day, we have first hand knowledge of these locations for the best chance of finding fish fast and accurately on your fishing trip.
  • Comfortable Fishing Boats – Each of the party boats in our fleet have spacious and well lit decks, interiors with ample seating, and kitchenettes where you can microwave food while on board. They also have twin diesel engines that give us a faster traveling time and a smoother ride so the waters will not feel as rough.
  • Friendly and Full Service Crew – Our crew handles baiting hooks, fish cleaning, and untangling lines. They can also give you pointers for catching a particular type of fish.

All of our trips leave from and return to our dock in Sheepshead Bay, which is located in Brooklyn. For those coming in from Long Island, the area around Sheepshead Bay has plenty of paid and free parking and also has a subway stop across the street for easy access from wherever you are in NYC.

Plan Your Long Island Fishing Trip on the Marilyn Jean Today

Whether you are a Long Island local or visiting the area, an NYC fishing trip is a cannot miss experience while you are here. We recommend guaranteeing your spot by purchasing your tickets ahead of time. You can see all of our upcoming trips on the online calendar and purchase your tickets directly from there.

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