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Fishing Report – June 7th, 2023

We’ve already had some great fishing weeks so far in 2023, but today’s Ling fishing was pretty spectacular. Better than even last week. We expect tomorrow’s outing for ling to be just as good. You can see some of the catches in the pictures below. Last night, we also went out for our night fishing trip, and the blues and bass were out in FORCE – pretty much all of our guests took home something amazing to eat the next few days.

Take a look at some of our pictures from today’s and yesterday’s trips:

Great times as always. We hope you’re able to join us next time. We are sailing 7am to 3pm for Ling, and then sailing again at 7pm for blues and other night fishing catches. Come join us! Call captain Anthony at 347 952 1442 or captain Tony at 646-413-1643.

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Fishing Report 5-30-23 – Blues and Bass Biting

This year, we keep on seeing some really solid fishing when out on the water. It’s been cold during our night trips, but the fish keep biting. The last couple of nights, our guests have been catching Blues and Bass, and in the mornings – when it’s been warmer – we’ve had guests picking up a lot of ling.

Take a look at some of the catches from yesterday.

The season started a bit slow a few months ago, but the way it has picked up has been solid. Haven’t really had many bad days yet, and the riders have been making some really large catches – and some delicious meals – after they’ve disembarked the boat. Join us next time.

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May 24, 2023 – Fishing Report – Fluke, Blues, and Bass

We went out on May 24th, like we do every day. This time, in our morning trip, the crowd was lighter, so we decided to look for Fluke (summer flounder). It was a success. Our guests caught a lot of keepers, and also grabbed a lot of shorts that we released back into the water. Overall, a really solid morning of fishing:

We also went out on the water from 7pm to 12am for our evening trip. Our guests caught a lot of blues and bass, which were biting even more than we expected. Hard to get some good photos in the dark, but you can see the size of some of these bad boys that our guests took home with them. These are going to taste great for the next several days:

As always, make sure you come join us and grab a ride on the Marilyn Jean. You can book your tickets right on our website, or call Anthony at 347-952-1442 or Captain Tony at 646-413-1643.

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Mother’s Day Fishing Report – 5-14-23

Mother’s Day ending up being a popular day for fishing, and anyone that joined us had a really good night. We went out late for a 7pm to 12am trip, and many of the people aboard the Marilyn Jean ended up reaching the limit of bass and bluefish. It was an amazing night for fishing.

Earlier in the day we also went out on the water for a 7am to 3pm trip. Ling weren’t biting quite as often, and we made a lot of drops, but most of our guests still went home with dinner. We’ve heard some reports of another fishing spot that’s more active and we’re going to be taking our guests there soon.

Book your tickets today or call Captain Tony or Captain Anthony at 646-413-1643. Private charters are available, too.

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Fishing Report 5-13-23

All we have to say is “wow.” Our trip on the 13th was an incredible one. We were catching up to 20lb bluefish, and our guests kept on hitting the bass limit for the NYC area. Incredible. We’re going to keep sailing both 7am to 3pm and 7pm to 12am, so make sure you come aboard. Ling also remains good right now, and we’re continually finding new spots for even better catches.

Book your tickets today or call Captain Tony or Captain Anthony at 646-413-1643. Private charters are available, too.

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Fishing Report 4/19/23 – An OUTSTANDING Day of Fishing

We had a feeling that this fishing season in NYC was going to be a great one, and it looks like we were right. 2023 is starting off strong with fantastic fishing last night. We had a full boat of striped bass in yesterday’s nighttime fishing experience. Remember, we are fishing every night 7pm to 12am, so come after work for a great night out!

Daytime fishing is also great so far. We found blackfish, ling, and a few cod. Our morning trips are every day from 7am to 3pm. These fish are not only biting – they are tasting delicious. Come try for yourself. Book your adventure with us soon!

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NYC Fishing Report – 4-3-23 – The Fish Are Biting

Slow season is definitely over. We’re getting some incredible action on the water now. Yesterday, our guests saw a tremendous amount of activity with blackfish and ling incredibly active, and some cod and dogfish too. Check out some of the catches that were made today:

This year is already looking like an incredible year for fishing. If you’ve been thinking about fishing in NYC, make sure you book with us today right here on our website. We are sailing every day from 7am to 3am, and we have plenty of space for you and your friends.

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NYC Fishing Report – 3/30/2023 – Small Group, Big Catches

Today was a cold day. We’re about to hit the warmer months with April around the corner (it’s looking to be over 60 in just a few days) but today was still pretty frigid. We took a small group out on the water for fishing today, as 5 people came aboard. But the results were pretty good. Our fishing guests caught a pretty incredible 15 (!) cod while they were out on the water, keeping 10. Not bad for only 5 people! Felix had the hot hook today with 4 catches on his own.

Tony took home a cod himself, and folks, it was good:

This year’s fishing season is already looking extremely promising, and once the weather warms up it will also be a lot more comfortable out on the water. Come join us next time!

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Fishing Report – March 5th, 2023

We had a beautiful day out of the water. It was genuinely a great way to get started with fishing season. But while the day may have been beautiful, the fishing could have been better. It was a tough fishing day, and our guests caught a total of only 7 ling with one lonely cod coming up over the rail.

But even with this slow start to the season, we’re more than optimistic that this is going to be a great fishing year, especially as it gets warmer. Make sure you book your ticket aboard the Marilyn Jean and enjoy a great experience with other fishing enthusiasts.

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Clean Ship and Ready to Launch – Approved for 2023

Starting March 4th we are back on the water. We have completed all of our winter’s work, received our annual “Clean Bill of Health” from our USCG inspections, and have even made a few upgrades. Our boat is cleaner and brighter than she’s ever been and, as the weather warms, we are excited to announce that we will also have air conditioned cabins available for those that are looking for something a bit more comfortable during the hotter months.

We even have a few more announcements that will be coming over the next few weeks, but for now, it’s time to start booking your trips. First trip is 7am March 4th and 5th for cod. We’re expecting an active March going into spring across all our best fishing spots.















We hope you’re excited to see us, because we are thrilled to be able to see you. If you’re ready to book your next adventure out on the water, schedule your visit, today.