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Fishing Report 9-17-23 – Night Fishing Has Been Good to Us

We’ve had to cancel some day trips due to weather, but going out at night we’ve had some pretty amazing catches. Check out these photos of some of the porgy that our guests caught in our night fishing trip on September 17th:

Porgies have been really biting for some of the people that join us on our 7:30pm to 12:30am trips. While we wish we were able to do more of the day trips, people are bringing home some really special catches during these nights out. If you joined us, don’t forget to freeze the ones you won’t be eating this week so you can have some delicious meals for the next several months.

Join us on one of our night fishing trips or watch our Facebook to see when the weather is good enough for us to start day fishing again.

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Fishing Report Monday, 8/14/23 – A Great Day for Porgies

Our 8 AM trip on Marlyn Jean IV got off to a fantastic start with lots of jumbo porgies caught. It was a lively and successful outing that everyone seemed to enjoy.

Our nighttime trip was just as successful. The porgies have really been biting recently. You can find some photos from yesterday, below.

We have more trips scheduled for the rest of the week. On Thursday and Friday, full-day trips are planned from 7 AM to 3 PM. In addition, we are offering nightly excursions every evening from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM.

For those interested in booking tickets, they can be obtained at or by calling Captain Anthony at 347-952-1442 or Captain Tony at 646-413-1643.

Join us at Sheepshead Bay for more fishing adventures.

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Fishing Report – Weekend Recap – 7-31-23

The past weekend offered plenty of opportunities for all of our guests. Saturday’s trips from 8 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 6 PM showed a nice collection of Porgys, with everyone aboard leaving with a tasty dinner for the evening. We also started to spot some Trigger fish, adding to the variety of catches. Check out some of the photos from the weekend:

Unfortunately, our nighttime fishing from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM was a bit slower this weekend. However, we’re taking this as a challenge rather than a setback, and are out tonight with a small crowd to try our luck in a different area.

Looking ahead, we will continue with our regular schedules tomorrow. Day trips are from 8 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 6 PM, while our nightly sail is from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM. If you’re interested in a unique fishing experience under the starry night sky, come on down and join us.

To secure your spot, book your tickets at or reach out to Captain Tony at 646-413-1643 or Captain Anthony at 347-952-1442. Remember, private charters are also available for those seeking a more personalized experience.

We strive to provide a fulfilling fishing experience for all skill levels, from the seasoned angler to the enthusiastic beginner. Hop on board and make lasting memories with us in the serene waters of New York City.

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Fishing Report – July 16, 2023 – Great Catches

Today’s 8 AM trip provided good fishing for Porgys. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel the 2 PM trip. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Tomorrow, we’re back on track with both trips scheduled from 8 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 6 PM. If you’re looking to spend a day out on the water and reel in some impressive catches, be sure to join us!

Check out some of what we caught:


For those seeking a nighttime adventure, we’re also sailing tonight from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM. The night fishing experience offers a unique opportunity to catch different species and enjoy the tranquility of the waters under the moonlight.

One of the highlights of fishing with us is our fully air-conditioned cabin. Even during the hottest days, you can stay cool and comfortable while focusing on the thrill of catching fish. As the only fishing boat in Brooklyn with such amenities, we strive to make your fishing experience as enjoyable as possible.

Secure your spot on our upcoming trips by booking your tickets at or giving Captain Anthony a call at 347-952-1442, or Captain Tony at 646-413-1643. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner looking to try something new, we welcome everyone aboard for an exciting day of fishing in the beautiful waters of New York City.

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Fishing Report 7-14-23: JUMBO Porgies


Last night’s fishing trip was an absolute blast aboard the Marilyn Jean in New York City. We set sail from 7:30 PM until midnight and were thrilled to encounter a bountiful supply of JUMBO Porgys. Check out some of the catches below:

The tide was in our favor, and those who are experienced in fishing with the tide were in for a treat. The night’s fishing was a resounding success, with one lucky angler claiming an impressive 28 catches, becoming the envy of the boat as the high hook.

For those seeking a great night out, come visit us on our next Marilyn Jean Charter. Our air-conditioned cabin ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience, keeping you cool during the summer heat while you reel in the big ones. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first-timer, our experienced captains, Anthony and Tony, will guide you every step of the way to ensure a memorable and rewarding fishing experience.

Don’t miss out on the action! Book your tickets now at or give Captain Anthony a call at 347-952-1442, or Captain Tony at 646-413-1643.

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Fishing Report 6-29, 2023: More and More Porgies in NYC

Genuinely cannot get enough of the way the porgies are biting right now, and our guests feel the same way. Check out some of these incredible hauls, including by one of our little guests that managed to walk away with enough porgy to last the summer.

We’re killing it on the water these days, with trips both morning and night. Book your tickets right here on our website or call Capt. Anthony at 347 952 1442 or Capt. Tony at 646-413-1643 so we can save you and your group a spot.

Don’t forget that we now have AIR CONDITIONED CABINS! No reason to let the NYC heat hold you back. Come visit!

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Fishing Report 6-24, 2023: Jumbo Porgies

Look at these big boys. We went out on the water during the day on June 24th, at 2pm, and then again at 7:30pm and the porgies were not only biting – these bad boys were huge. You already know that porgies taste incredible, but when you add in their size, you’re getting a ton of meat. Check out some of the photos of the fish our guests took home:

Porgies are not the only fish we caught that day, but they definitely were the most common, and their size was wild. We’re sailing almost every day, morning and night, so make sure you contact us to get your tickets and book your trip.

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Fishing Report – 6-13-23 – The Porgys Are Biting

Well, the Porgies are finally here. We found them. Today, on June 13th, we went out on the water on two separate trips today – 8am to 1pm and then again at 2pm to 6pm – and our guests took home a huge number of porgies. We’re going out again a third time tonight, and then we’re going to be headed out for more porgies on Wednesday, Thursday, and our full day on Friday. 7am to 3pm. Come join us.

See our photos from today:

Book your tickets right here on this site or call Captain Anthony at 347 952 1442 or Captain Tony at 646-413-1643

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Fishing Report – June 7th, 2023

We’ve already had some great fishing weeks so far in 2023, but today’s Ling fishing was pretty spectacular. Better than even last week. We expect tomorrow’s outing for ling to be just as good. You can see some of the catches in the pictures below. Last night, we also went out for our night fishing trip, and the blues and bass were out in FORCE – pretty much all of our guests took home something amazing to eat the next few days.

Take a look at some of our pictures from today’s and yesterday’s trips:

Great times as always. We hope you’re able to join us next time. We are sailing 7am to 3pm for Ling, and then sailing again at 7pm for blues and other night fishing catches. Come join us! Call captain Anthony at 347 952 1442 or captain Tony at 646-413-1643.

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Fishing Report 5-30-23 – Blues and Bass Biting

This year, we keep on seeing some really solid fishing when out on the water. It’s been cold during our night trips, but the fish keep biting. The last couple of nights, our guests have been catching Blues and Bass, and in the mornings – when it’s been warmer – we’ve had guests picking up a lot of ling.

Take a look at some of the catches from yesterday.

The season started a bit slow a few months ago, but the way it has picked up has been solid. Haven’t really had many bad days yet, and the riders have been making some really large catches – and some delicious meals – after they’ve disembarked the boat. Join us next time.