Bluefish Fishing Trips in NYC with Marilyn Jean Fishing


Relatively straightforward to catch, but still large enough to put up a good fight and yield an impressive catch, bluefish make a great fishing trip for anglers of all experience levels in NYC. The blues in the waters off of NYC can often be more than 20 pounds and this highly predatory fish often guarantees an action-packed day.

Marilyn Jean Fishing includes bluefish on many of our year round saltwater fishing trips departing from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. We offer full day, half day, and evening trips to take you to some of the best offshore locations for blues and other game fish in the area. Buy your tickets in advance for blues fishing on our calendar.

Why Fish for Blues on the Marilyn Jean?

Bluefish are one of the more straightforward fish to catch on an NYC fishing trip. They will go for almost any bait and do not necessarily have to be hungry to snap at your hook. Instead, they are a fish that hunts for sport as well as food, and they will often go after anything they see. 

This makes them a great fish for newer and younger anglers as there is less emphasis on technique and patience. With many of our fishing trips on the Marilyn Jean, bluefish can steal bait and hooks aimed at other fish, but still provide a thrilling day of reeling in bluefish.

We plan our NYC fishing trips to give those on board the best possible day on the water. For bluefish, this means getting you out to all of the offshore locations where increased salinity means that you will catch the largest bluefish possible. 

We also stay up to date on fish locations. Bluefish travel in schools following the bait fish they feed on and all of the fish in a single school will be approximately the same size. Because we sail most days of the year, we are able to locate the largest schools of bluefish and follow their progress so that we can often take you directly to the action on any trip.

About Marilyn Jean Fishing – The Leading Party Boat Fishing Trips in NYC

Whether you are coming out with us for a winter evening blues fishing trip or a full day trip in the summer, Marilyn Jean Fishing offers an exciting trip in NYC. Our comfortable boats are equipped with twin diesel engines for a smooth ride and fast arrival at our fishing locations. We have comfortable interiors equipped with bathrooms, vending machines, and kitchenettes, as well as spacious and clean decks that are well lit for evening trips.

In addition, we offer the following services to help make your trip more enjoyable:

  • Equipment Included – We have rods and reels available with your ticket, as well as tackle ready for purchase. We also provide all of the bait you need. This makes it easy to join a fishing trip when you are coming from out of town or are trying out blues fishing in NYC for the first time.
  • Experienced and Friendly Crew – Our crew is here to help you throughout the trip from baiting hooks to cleaning up any fish you will be taking home, as well as providing any fishing tips you may need.
  • Range of Locations – We have many decades of experience saltwater fishing in NYC and know all of the different locations in the area that are hotspots for bluefish and others, including Raritan Bay, Jamaica Bay, Rockaway Beach, Coney Island, and other offshore locations. On our trips, we travel to multiple of these locations to increase your chances of a great catch.

All of our trips depart from our dock in Sheepshead Bay, which is conveniently located to many spots in NYC. You can reach Sheepshead Bay by driving or public transit for easy access from wherever you are arriving from. 

Book Your Tickets for Bluefish Fishing on the Marilyn Jean

For an exciting activity while traveling to New York or a great way to enjoy fishing for local anglers, Marilyn Jean Fishing offer offers a perfect fishing trip for blue, stripers, tautog, and all of the region’s most popular fish. Tickets are available first come first serve at the dock or you can view our calendar and purchase tickets online to reserve your space in advance.