Private Fishing Charters in NYC on the Marilyn Jean

There is no better way to fish in New York than a private fishing charter. A chartered fishing trip in NYC offers an experience that meets all your needs, giving you the opportunity to choose the destination, the type of fish, the schedule, and the group you get to spend the day with. Best of all, you get a captain and crew who know how to provide the most rewarding fishing trip in NYC, with an experience you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

Marilyn Jean Fishing is a New York fishing boat company offering private charters departing from Brooklyn. Our fleet is available to charter for fishing charters year-round for half-day and full-day fishing trips off the coast of New York and New Jersey. Each boat in our fleet is fully equipped and we supply all fishing equipment for a comfortable and exciting day out. Contact us at (646) 413-1643 for more information on our private fishing charters.

About Marilyn Jean Fishing

We are an experienced fishing boat excursion company in NYC that provides private, custom charters for groups that want the boat entirely to themselves. When you sail with us, you can expect:

  • Expert Fishermen – Our captain and crew sail nearly everyday and have run fishing charters for years. We have up to date local knowledge of fish populations whether you need us to get you to the best spot for fishing or you need lessons on your first fishing trip.
  • One of a Kind Experience – With a private fishing charter, we can design an excursion around your needs. Our crew and our fleet know how to make a trip that is right for your group while providing an unforgettable time for everyone on board.
  • Safe and Comfortable – Throughout your journey, your safety is our priority. The Marilyn Jean IV is US Coast Guard inspected and our crew is highly trained in keeping your party safe throughout the cruise.

Our fleet includes the 70’ Marilyn Jean IV, Marilyn Jean V, and other fantastic boats, all of which are available for private charters in NYC.

The Marilyn Jean IV, and the entire Marilyn Jean fleet, are equipped with the latest safety and navigation gear and powered by twin diesel engines. When fishing, this helps us get cut down on travel time and gives you more time to hook fish. Our fleet is also stable for a more comfortable journey even in rougher waters.

The Marilyn Jean IV is also packed with amenities to make your trip more enjoyable, such as restrooms, heating, electric lighting, microwaves, and appliances. With a team that is dedicated to keeping our fleet spotless, we make the Marilyn Jean IV your retreat at sea.

Your NYC Private Charter on the Marilyn Jean IV

We strive to make every private fishing charter a memorable experience, and we do that by building each trip specifically for you. Our fishing charters depart from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, NY at either Pier 6 or Pier 7. From there, we base the destination around your goals for the day. If there is a certain type of fishing you are interested in or a sight you want to see, we’ll make it happen.

Your fishing trip can be a relaxing day enjoying the weather and waiting for the fish to bite, or an action-packed experience. Whether you are a casual fisherman, an experienced angler, or this is your first time with a fishing rod, our experienced crew can create a fishing trip filled with plenty of catches of tasty local fish like sea bass, bluefish, striped bass, and porgies.

You are welcome to bring any of your own gear, but we also provide everything you will need to catch fish, including:

  • Rods and Reels
  • Hooks and Sinkers
  • Bait (Including Special Baits When Needed)
  • Ice and Coolers
  • Buckets

Let us know what you want from your charter and we will plan a trip around the ocean and bay to fishing hot spots like:

  • Jamaica Bay
  • Rockaway Beach
  • New Jersey Coast
  • Raritan Bay
  • Coney Island
  • New York Harbor
  • Sandy Hook

All of these destinations are a short distance from our dock in Sheepshead Bay, especially with the speed of the Marilyn Jean IV, so we can have you out on the water and fishing sooner. The benefit of a private fishing charter in NYC is that we can provide diverse fishing by traveling from place to place throughout your charter, and get you in the best place for fishing.

During a night fishing charter, the bright lights on our deck make for a fun experience with easy visibility to reel in your catch.

We also offer cruise charters in NYC on the Marilyn Jean IV. For a special party or event, a cruise off the New York coast or around New York Harbor includes stunning views of the NYC skyline, local lighthouses, and bridges while you enjoy time at sea.

Rates for NYC Fishing Charters

A private fishing trip on the Marilyn Jean IV makes for an unforgettable day or evening, and the cost of your trip includes all that you need for an exciting trip off the New York coast. Our standard rates are:

  • Up to 7 hour Weekday Special Mon. – Fri. $3000 up to 30 people. $55 per person over 30 people. Flexible times
  • 5 hour Evening Fishing Trip. $2750 up to 30 people. $55 per person over 30 people. Starting at 7 pm or after.
  • 4 hour Weekday half day Fishing Trip. $2500 up to 20 people. $55 per person over 20 people.
  • For Weekend Fishing Trips – Please Call Tony at 647-413-1643 for Pricing

These trips offer some flexibility with timing in order to plan your trip on a schedule that works for your group. Half day fishing trips are available in the morning or afternoon, and evening or night trips begin any time after 6pm.

In addition to our standard rates, we also offer special rates on weekday fishing trips and private charters for school trips, kids camps, and senior outings. There is a minimum 20% gratuity on every private fishing trip or charter.

The cost of all private fishing trips includes all gear, bait, lessons, and fish cleaning. You also have the option to purchase one of our catering packages to keep your party fed with delicious food while out on the water. You can also bring your own food and alcohol if you prefer.

The capacity of the Marilyn Jean IV for fishing trips is 80 people.

Schedule a Private Fishing Charter or Party Boat in NYC

Whether you are a group of avid fishermen, want to plan a unique party, or simply want to see NYC from a new perspective, chartering the Marilyn Jean IV is the best way to experience fishing in New York. Call us at (646) 413-1643 to discuss pricing, options, and book your private fishing charter.