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Saturday 3/18/23 – Fishing Report for Marilyn Jean Fishing

Marilyn Jean Fishing continues to offer some great fishing trips for both locals and visitors. It’s still early season, and we’re still seeing a lot of weather issues that are affecting the schedule. Sunday (today), for example, had to be cancelled due to high winds. We were disappointed, but our top priority is your safety.

But we were able to get out on the water Saturday and had some pretty good results given the weather so far and it still being early season. Out on the water, our guests were able to catch a fairly decent amount of market cod and ling. The fish weren’t biting as much as we want, but given where we are in the season, it’s a really promising sign for next week’s trips.

Check out some of the pictures from Saturday’s trip, and come join us on our next adventure!

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NYC Vacation Activities for Summer: Fishing

There is so much to do in New York City. It is one of the most active, most vibrant, and most diverse cities in the world. Anyone looking for a vacation will have an opportunity to enjoy a wealth of activities so vast, it would take months to get through even a small fraction of what Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of NYC has to offer.

But what NYC vacation activity ideas interest you? If you’re like many out of town visitors, the activity with the most appeal isn’t in the city itself. It’s on the water, fishing aboard the Marilyn Jean.

Why Consider a NYC Fishing Vacation?

New York City is known for its tall skyscrapers, fancy restaurants, and so much more. But what many people forget is that it is also right on the water. Manhattan is quite literally an island, Brooklyn is almost entirely surrounded by water. Staten Island is also an island and Queens and The Bronx also touch the Hudson River and the Long Island Sound.

That means there are plenty of opportunities for some amazing fishing, and while we all love the look of the ocean, there is something very beautiful about being out on the water and seeing all the buildings and monuments from the boat. You may not traditionally think of fishing when you think of NYC vacation activities, but it is a thriving and enjoyable activity all year for both locals and visitors alike.

It is especially fun in summer, at least if you choose the right boat. Summer in NYC can be very hot, and exploring places like Times Square can be exhausting with the humidity and people. But on a boat like ours at the Marilyn Jean, where we have an air conditioned main cabin and cooler air while out on the water, you can enjoy better weather and a more comfortable temperature while you fish our active waters.

At Marilyn Jean Fishing, you also have everything you need to enjoy the trip on vacation:

  • All the fishing equipment and gear for rent.
  • All the bait you need for the fish that are available.
  • Optional snack bar (you can bring your own food and drinks).

Marilyn Jean Fishing is one of the most popular NYC vacation activities all throughout the year, but it is especially enjoyable in the hot summer months when walking around in the sweltering heat doesn’t sound quite as fun for most visitors.

Sign Up Today

We gladly take walk ins if spaces allows, but our adventures fill up quickly, especially in the popular summer months. We know how many NYC vacation activities there are to enjoy, but this is one that we are confident that fishing lovers are going to appreciate. Book your spot now.

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Fishing Report – March 5th, 2023

We had a beautiful day out of the water. It was genuinely a great way to get started with fishing season. But while the day may have been beautiful, the fishing could have been better. It was a tough fishing day, and our guests caught a total of only 7 ling with one lonely cod coming up over the rail.

But even with this slow start to the season, we’re more than optimistic that this is going to be a great fishing year, especially as it gets warmer. Make sure you book your ticket aboard the Marilyn Jean and enjoy a great experience with other fishing enthusiasts.

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Clean Ship and Ready to Launch – Approved for 2023

Starting March 4th we are back on the water. We have completed all of our winter’s work, received our annual “Clean Bill of Health” from our USCG inspections, and have even made a few upgrades. Our boat is cleaner and brighter than she’s ever been and, as the weather warms, we are excited to announce that we will also have air conditioned cabins available for those that are looking for something a bit more comfortable during the hotter months.

We even have a few more announcements that will be coming over the next few weeks, but for now, it’s time to start booking your trips. First trip is 7am March 4th and 5th for cod. We’re expecting an active March going into spring across all our best fishing spots.















We hope you’re excited to see us, because we are thrilled to be able to see you. If you’re ready to book your next adventure out on the water, schedule your visit, today.

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2023 Fishing Calendar for NYC


2023 is already looking like it will be a relatively good year of saltwater fishing in NYC. It is still early for much of the hatchery data and weather predictions that will determine how large fish populations are and where they will be located this year, but previous trends that have seen fish recovering after years of overfishing will likely continue.

This should mean that several fish species will have a relatively good year and fishing trips in NYC will likely yield an exciting year of fishing. As you are planning your fishing trips this year, be sure to keep in mind the fishing season calendar so you can head out for your favorite fishing experiences.

NYC Fishing Seasons for 2023

The fishing season and best months for different fish depend on many factors. Many of the fish that anglers go for in NYC are migratory species. They move up the Atlantic coast in the spring as waters get warmer and then head back south in the fall. Some fish, like striped bass, will also lay their eggs in rivers and bays around NYC. The reproductive season for each species will also determine when fish numbers are at their highest and fish are of the right size to catch.

In NYC, the fishing seasons for keeping certain fish are also determined by the Department of Environmental Conservation. The DEC imposes times and limits to regulate fishing and manage populations, covering most of the more popular fish in NYC:

  • Blackfish – April 1 through April 30 and October 11 through December 9
  • Striped Bass – April 15 through December 15
  • Fluke – May 1 through October 9
  • Black Sea Bass – June 23 through December 31
  • Porgy – September 1 through October 31 (when aboard a party fishing boat)
  • Cod – All Year Long
  • Ling – All Year Long
  • Bluefish – All Year Long

At Marilyn Jean Fishing, we will be running trips for all of these different fish and more throughout the year. Our daily trips have options for full day, half day, and evening trips depending on the time of year, giving you access to some of the best fishing that NYC has to offer. 

Trips are available to book several months out on our calendar so that you can guarantee your spot on board and have a chance to hit some of your favorite fishing experiences this year. See all of our schedule trips on the calendar and book your tickets.

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Can You Fish in the Winter in New York?


The main fishing season in New York is generally in the spring through late fall when fish like striped bass are off the coast and biting regularly. But this does not mean that you cannot still find great fishing in NYC even in the colder winter months if you know where to go.

Wintertime in NYC offers many saltwater fishing opportunities and a number of fish that will promise an exciting day on the water.

Types of Fish You Can Catch in the Winter in NYC

Several fish remain active in the waters around NYC during the winter and as the weather begins to warm near the end of February and into March, those numbers will only grow. Some of the saltwater fish that you can find in NYC during the winter include:

  • Taotog – Also called blackfish, tautog is a bottom feeding fish that puts up a good fight. You will need to access rocky areas or underwater structures where these fish like to hide. Once you get a bite, you can reel in a fish that fights back.
  • Ling – Ling live in deep water during the winter and hide within rocky structures. They are a strange looking fish, but a great tasting one as part of the cod family. Ling is a medium difficult fish to catch as it bites easily but is strong for its size.
  • Bluefish – Bluefish is one species that gives a fast-paced bite even during the winter. If you can find a school of bluefish, you will get rapid action with a good fight.

The main challenge with winter fishing in NYC is locating fish. Many of the fish that have stayed in the area all winter long will be in deeper water where the temperature is warmer and more stable. Fish will also start to be present in estuaries and closer to shore as the weather warms up and fish begin migrating into the area to lay eggs.

Winter fishing in NYC is most rewarding when you can go by boat. A party boat fishing trip in the winter can get you to the deep sea fishing locations where the bottom feeding fish will be present and also keeps you highly mobile to track all of the migrating fish populations that will become increasingly prevalent throughout the winter.

What Fish Can You Catch in Winter in NY?

Winter fishing in NYC can be extremely rewarding and you can still bring home a number of fish. It can also be a great way to get out and beat the winter blues if you are looking for things to do in NYC in the winter. You will just want to be sure to wrap up warm and in plenty of layers as temperatures can still be quite chilly.


Marilyn Jean Fishing, the leading party boat fishing experience in NYC, sails on fishing trips throughout the winter. Our NYC fishing includes full day and evening trips for blackfish, blues, cod, ling, and more. Because we sail so regularly, we always have the latest information on where fish are so that we can take you right to the action even when fishing populations are more elusive. Check out all of our upcoming fishing trips on the online calendar and book your tickets today.

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Kick Off the 2023 Fishing Season with Marilyn Jean Fishing


After completing some winter work and annual inspection in the shipyard, the Marilyn Jean is back in the water and scheduled for a range of exciting fishing trips throughout 2023. Whether you are looking for

winter activities or want to get a start on planning for summer fishing trips, you will want to check out our online calendar to see all of the different party boat fishing excursions we have planned for the upcoming months at Marilyn Jean Fishing.

Winter and Spring Fishing Trips in NYC

We sail on fishing trips regularly in the winter, spring, and summer. For the remainder of February, we have weekend winter fishing trips with full day trips and evening trips available.

As spring approaches and the fishing season really kicks off, we will have trips every day of the week so that you can get in all of the fishing you want this year. In spring and summer, we also add half day fishing trips to our schedule for even greater flexibility.

Some of the different fish we expect to catch in the 2023 fishing season include:

  • Ling
  • Cod 
  • Stripers 
  • Bluefish 
  • Taotog, and More

Trips will begin to fill up quickly, especially as we approach the striped bass season in April, so we recommend buying your tickets as soon as possible to be sure that you have a spot on an upcoming fishing trip. See the trips we have available on our calendar and purchase your tickets today.

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The Best Times to Fish in 2023


Now that we have reached the end of the fishing season in NYC, there is a little bit of downtime before fishing will resume in the spring. While there are still some opportunities you could check out in between times, now is also a great time to start planning any fishing trips for next year. 

It is still somewhat too early to determine migration patterns and population numbers, which will provide more insight into month to month fishing opportunities in 2023. But for now, you can start to consider tide charts and solunar calendars to give you a general idea of which times with month are likely to provide top fishing opportunities.

When to Fish According to Solunar Theory

There are many different factors that go into determining the best days and times of day to catch fish.  The type of fish, temperature, weather, wind, and more will all determine what fish are present on a given day and how strongly they are biting.

The moon, sun, and tide are also believed to influence fish activity, called solunar theory. This is the idea that the position of the sun and moon in relation to a fish, the moon phase, and the level of the tide will impact movement. In solunar theory, when other factors like weather and light are not optimal but the sun, moon, and tide positions are, fishing will still be good.

You can examine a solunar table based on your specific region to determine when the best times to go fishing. These can give you the best days and even hours to go fishing in. For specific times for your region, you can use Solunar Forecast for a custom calendar.

The tide calendar can also give you a basic idea of the best times to go fishing. Based on this year’s tide calendar, the top days include:

  • January 1-6 and 21-31
  • February 1-5 and 20-28
  • March 1-7 and 21-31
  • April 1-6 and 20-30
  • May 1-5 and 19-31
  • June 1-3 and 18-30
  • July 1-3 and 17-31
  • August 1 and 16-30
  • September 14-29
  • October 14-28
  • November 13-27
  • December 12-26

Fishing on these days increases the chance that you will find fish active and feeding. Although many times your opportunities for fishing will depend more on when you have the time. Fishing on other days can still be highly successful and many people catch a plethora of fish around NYC regardless of the tide.

Part of this requires knowing where to go and what to look for so that you will have the best shot at a great catch. Joining a fishing trip aboard the Marilyn Jean, which often sails daily throughout the fishing season, can provide a great trip. You will spend less time having to wonder when and where to go for fish and more time catching and reeling them in. Watch our calendar for upcoming trips and the opportunity to join us on a memorable NYC fishing excursion.

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Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Fishermen

With Christmas literally just around the corner, now is the last chance to pick up any Christmas gifts that you still need. Unfortunately, there is likely no time left to ship most gifts. Yet there are still many gifts that any anglers in your life will enjoy and that you can have before Christmas day.

Gifts that you can get from a local store or gift cards and services you can purchase online will guarantee that you will have a gift under the tree on Christmas Day, and these are some favorites to get for avid fishermen.

Gifts for Friends and Family MembersWho Enjoy Fishing

Getting fishing equipment for a friend or family member who often goes fishing can be somewhat of a challenge if you are not also enthusiastic about fishing yourself. It helps if you know what type of fishing they typically do, whether that is freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing, or another style, and what kind of fish they normally go for. This can help guide you in the gifts that you get.

Even if you are unsure of the specifics, with the gift ideas we have provided below, you can choose different products to adapt them to different kinds of fishermen or they have some ability for the receiver to customize them to best support their fishing experience. Best of all, they require no shipping time so you will have them ready prior to Christmas:

  • Store Bought Gifts – Some items for anglers that you can get at many of your local stores include a new cooler, polarized sunglasses, or even a good pair of wool socks or a hat for the colder days.
  • Fishing Subscription Boxes – There are many fishing subscription boxes available with the option to choose different ones based on the preferred fish species and the number of items you want to send your recipient every month, as well as a selection for how many months of subscription boxes you want to send. These are great options because your recipient can continue getting gifts well after the holidays, and the changing items mean that there will be something that your friend or family member is sure to like. Good options include the Mystery Tackle Box which has several unique tackle items in each box and MonsterBass with items chosen specifically for bass fishing in different regions.
  • Fishing App Subscription – Various apps can help anglers track fish schools, record top catches, and provide a wealth of other information to help them make the most out of their fishing trips. Gifting the pro version of these apps can make for a nice holiday gift and provide a valuable service that an angler can continue using throughout the year. You can find out if your friend already has a preferred app, or check out options like Fishbrain or Bass Forecast.
  • Gift Cards for Fishing Trips – A E-gift card is another nice gift for now that an angler can use later. For anglers living in NYC, one great option is a gift card for the Marilyn Jean which offers party boat fishing trips departing from Sheepshead Bay to some of the top locations off the coast of NYC. We fish for striped bass, blackfish, ling, cod, and a variety of other local fish species. 

Whatever you choose to get for the angler in your life, anything that helps them get out on the water more often and more comfortably is sure to be a welcome gift. If you are considering a gift card for Marilyn Jean Fishing, it is worth knowing that all equipment and bait are included so that your friend can join whether or not they already have equipment and experience for saltwater fishing.

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Alternatives to Boat Fishing in NYC During the Winter


In late December and early January in NYC, after the end of the season for most saltwater fish, the majority of fishing boats go up for the winter to await the return of migrating fish in the early spring. This can feel like a long time to wait for fishing.

Fortunately, there are many other fishing experiences in NYC that you can partake in throughout the winter to hold you over until you can get back out on the water.

Best Winter Time Fishing in NYC

The state of New York has a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fishing, including many options for the winter as well. If you are looking for some new fishing experiences to try this December and January, consider the following:

  • Surf Fishing – There are still there are several saltwater fish you can catch from shore or piers around NYC. Herring are one of the most active this time of year, often moving through the area in large schools for several weeks during the winter. Getting a herring run is one of the better winiter fishing experiences. Other fish you might catch in the surf include tommy cod and brown cod.
  • Lake and Pond Fishing – On milder days throughout the winter, lakes and ponds in parks throughout NYC can offer a chance to catch a few other freshwater fish.
  • Ice Fishing – Ice fishing is a popular New York winter pastime. You will have to travel upstate where you will find a wide range of ice fishing destinations on Lake Champlain, Lake Ontario, Fourth Lake, the St. Lawrence River, and more. 

If saltwater fishing is your preferred fishing option, it is also not too soon to start preparing for next season. Marilyn Jean Fishing will resume our fishing trips in late winter for mackerel, cod, blackfish, ling, and stripers. Purchase tickets on our online calendar so that you are ready to fish when the weather warms up.