Black Sea Bass Fishing in NYC


While saltwater fishing around NYC has an array of options for every angler, black sea bass is one of those fish that you can rely on for a strong bite, a good fight as you reel them in, and a tasty meal when you take them home. Sea bass populations in NYC remain strong for much of the year, with saltwater fishing off the coast as the best way to catch this fish.

Marilyn Jean Fishing has trips for sea bass in NYC throughout the year. Our party boat fishing trips, with full day half day, and evening options, travel to NYC’s best nearshore and offshore fishing locations to fish for sea bass and many of the area’s other popular sport fish. You can purchase tickets on our online calendar or at the dock on a first come, first served basis.

The Sea Bass Fishing Experience on the Marilyn Jean

Fishing for black sea bass is all about getting to where the fish are. Sea bass are bottom feeders, so they like underwater structures like reefs or wrecks. They also thrive in deep water, especially in November, December, and January when jumbo sea bass can be at depths of 120 feet or more.

At Marilyn Jean Fishing, we have been leading fishing trips in NYC for many years. With our year over year experience and almost daily fishing trips, we are familiar with sea bass migration patterns and know where to find them and the other exciting saltwater fish in NYC. We travel to fishing destinations in:

  • Raritan Bay
  • Rockaway Beach 
  • Coney Island
  • Jamaica Bay

Our fleet is equipped with twin diesel engines that enable us to travel quickly from our dock in Sheepshead Bay to as many fishing destinations as we can, all with minimal travel time. This lets you spend the most time possible fishing. Meanwhile, trips are smooth and comfortable the entire way, even when the waters are rougher.

On board, we also provide rods and reels with the cost of your ticket. You can often catch sea bass with a standard setup if you prefer to bring your own equipment. The bait is more important with sea bass that prefers live bait such as clams and squid. 

Ranging anywhere from a couple of pounds to around 10 pounds, especially in the later months, reeling in the black sea bass you hook is an exciting experience for anglers who are both seasoned and new to the sport. Our team can also provide tips and guidance if you need them to help you improve your chances of hooking sea bass.

About Marilyn Jean Fishing 


Marilyn Jean Fishing is the leading company for fishing trips. We run our trips in all seasons and almost every day of the year with options for half day, full day, and evening trips. Once on board, you will enjoy:

  • Coast Guard Inspected Fleet – Our party boats are Coast Guard inspected and equipped with the latest safety features (as well as clean bathrooms). This way, you will be clean and comfortable during your trip with us. 
  • Friendly Crew – Our crew is on board to help with baiting hooks, untangling lines, and cleaning any of the tasty sea bass you will be taking home with you to cook up later.
  • Experienced Captain – The captain on board the Marilyn Jean has many decades of fishing experience and knows just where to look to find the next hotspot for sea bass or whatever fish we are going for while out on the water.

Our dock is located in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and easily accessible from Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island when you want to join us for an upcoming fishing trip.

Fish for Sea Bass on a Marilyn Jean Fishing Trip Today 

Whether you are looking for an exciting fishing experience, a great tasting catch to take home, or both, fishing for black sea bass in NYC on the Marilyn Jean promises a thrilling day on the water. You can find scheduled trips on our calendar and purchase your tickets online.