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Fishing Trips NYC


With its Mid-Atlantic climate and the abundance of waterways and coastline, NYC can be an exceptional location for fishing, all without needing to leave the convenience or the excitement of the city. An NYC fishing trip is one of the best opportunities to enjoy local fishing with an experienced captain and a comfortable boat to get you to some of the area’s top fishing locations.

Marilyn Jean Fishing offers fishing trips in NYC with full day, half day, and evening experiences available. We give anglers of all experience levels an opportunity to catch a variety of fish on our fishing, departing nearly every day throughout the year so that you can participate in all of the fishing NYC has to offer. Join an upcoming trip by purchasing your tickets on our online calendar.

Experience an NYC Fishing Trip 

Marilyn Jean begins all of our trips at our dock in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, conveniently accessible from any area of NYC by subway, taxi, and car. For our fishing trips, we provide everything you need on board, including all baits and buckets, as well as rods, reels, and tackle available for rent and purchase. This makes it easy to fish whether you are visiting NYC or want to try fishing for the first time, even if you do not have your own equipment.

We also have a friendly crew that can help you with pointers if you are new to saltwater fishing or simply be there to help you bait hooks and clean your couch at the end of the day. 

Depending on the season and the time of day, we offer fishing trips for a wide range of fish aboard the Marilyn Jean, including:

  • Striped Bass 
  • Porgy
  • Blackfish
  • Ling 
  • Cod 
  • Fluke 
  • Mackerel, and More 

On a fishing trip in NYC, Marilyn Jean Fishing takes you to a number of NYC’s leading fishing spots with a fleet equipped with powerful twin diesel engines to cut down on travel time and increase the amount of a fishing trip that you spend casting.

We will visit locations like Rockaway Beach, Sandy Hook, Coney Island, and others while you also get to see NYC from the water for stunning views and new perspectives.

Sign Up for a Fishing Trip NYC Today 

A fishing trip NYC is a great option for locals and tourists, children and adults, experienced anglers and beginners. Wherever you are coming from in NYC – Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, Manhattan, and elsewhere – you can easily join a fishing trip aboard the Marilyn Jean. See all of the upcoming trips on our calendar and purchase tickets online to guarantee your spot on board.

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Bronx Fishing Trips

Fishing is a great activity to enjoy in the Bronx. Whether you are an experienced angler or trying the spot for the first time, party boat fishing near the Bronx is convenient and exciting. 

Marilyn Jean Fishing has fishing trips for striped bass, fluke, tautog, and other fish in NYC. We have almost daily departures in Brooklyn from Sheepshead Bay, which provides easy access for the Bronx. You can see our fishing trip schedule on our calendar and buy your tickets online.

Fishing Trips Near the Bronx 

When you need things to do in the Bronx, a full day, half day, or evening fishing trip on the Marilyn Jean offers a chance to catch a variety of fish. The fish that we sail for, depending on the season, include:

  • Striped Bass
  • Cod
  • Ling
  • Blackfish
  • Flounder
  • Porgy

Your rod, reel, and high quality bait are included in the cost of the ticket, as are any tips you need regarding fishing techniques from our friendly crew. The ticket also includes cleaning for any catches you will be taking home with you.

About the Fishing Experience On Board the Marilyn Jean

At Marilyn Jean Fishing, we are able to provide the best party boat fishing experience for those in the Bronx and elsewhere in New York. Our trips give you a higher chance of catching fish and make it possible to spend a fantastic day on the water. Our fleet offers:

  • Rapid Travel to a Variety of Destinations – We have twin diesel engines on our fleet, which let us travel quickly from our dock and between destinations, while also providing a smoother trip. This gives you the maximum amount of time to fish and the best chance of catching fish since we can try multiple destinations.
  • Comfortable Ride – On board, we have clean bathrooms, decks with plenty of space to spread out with your party, kitchenettes, and interior seating if you need a break from the sun or wind.
  • Up to Date Fishing Information – Our crews are also most likely to know where fish are because we fish almost every day and because we have many years of experience fishing around NYC. This means we know where to go and we know what to look for in order to give our customers the best shot at a successful fishing trip. 

We offer a variety of trips with different experiences, whether you want to fish for a certain type of fish or at a particular skill level. With trips nearly every day, you can always find a trip that works for you.

Plan a Fishing Trip on the Marilyn Jean

For those in the Bronx, a fishing trip on the Marilyn Jean is a great way to escape the city for a time and enjoy some of the best fishing NYC has to offer. Walk up tickets are available, space permitting, or you can purchase your tickets ahead of time for any upcoming trip online.

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Queens Fishing Trips

When you are looking for things to do in Queens, either as a local or a visitor, there are several nearby options for fishing. This is a great choice, providing excitement as you reel in fish and a relaxing day on the water.

Marilyn Jean Fishing runs our party boat fishing excursions from our dock conveniently located in Brooklyn, offering people from Queens a convenient way to enjoy saltwater fishing at the greatest spots around NYC. Our fishing trips depart daily, giving you options all year long. Check the calendar to see all of the different fishing trips we offer and purchase your tickets.

What to Expect on a Queens Fishing Trip

Our fishing trips depart from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, which is easily accessible from Queens. There is both free parking and paid parking in the area, as well as a subway stop nearby.

On board, you will join a wide range of people of all ages, including both experienced and amateur anglers. You are welcome to bring your own rod and reel or use the rods and reels provided. We also provide bait, so you have everything you need to catch fish. You are also welcome to bring a cooler for snacks and drinks as our decks offer ample space for you to set up with your party. After we depart, we:

  • Travel to Multiple Destinations – We go fast with the help of twin diesel engines, often able to go to multiple locations even on half day trips to increase the chances of a good catch. The different locations we go to include Jamaica Bay, Rockaway Beach, Raritan Bay, Sandy Hook Bay, Coney Island, and more.
  • Variety of Fishing Experiences – With trips almost every day of the year, you can hook a range of different fish on different trips, such as striped bass, blackfish, cod, porgy, ling, summer flounder, and a range of other fish types.
  • Offer Comfortable Sailing – Our boat is equipped with bathrooms, indoor cabin areas, and a kitchenette – all kept spotlessly clean – for you to use during your trip.

Trip options include half day, full day, and evening trips, making it possible to find a trip time that fits with your schedule and provides the type of experience you would like.

Why Experience a Queens Fishing Trip Aboard the Marilyn Jean

While there are many freshwater fishing experiences around Queens and saltwater fishing along the coast, heading out to fish on the Marilyn Jean is the most thrilling and convenient way to fish. It is also likely to provide a great experience with our:

  • Our friendly crew is here to help you out on the trip by baiting hooks, untangling lines, and cleaning the fish you are keeping.
  • Our Coast Guard inspected fleet has the latest navigational and safety equipment for a great trip.
  • Current fishing reports for location accuracy on local fish populations.

These factors all make fishing in NYC one of the best experiences you can have, whether you live in Queens or visiting from elsewhere. 

Purchase Your Tickets for Queens Fishing

When you are looking for an opportunity to go fishing in Queens, joining a trip from Brooklyn on the Marilyn Jean is a great option. You can purchase tickets as a walkup as space permits, or reserve your space onboard by purchasing tickets for an upcoming trip through the online calendar.

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Fall Fishing Report for NYC

Summer in NYC is coming to an end, but the fishing season is far from over. With the fall months likely to offer some of the best fishing of the year, now is a great time to start planning for fishing trips in NYC in order to have a shot at catching all the fish that are in this area during September, October, and November.

Best Fish to Catch in NYC in the Fall

For many of the migratory fish in NYC, fall provides a great time each year as the fishing season peaks and the fish begin to head back towards warmer waters in the south after having spent the summer. Other fish will often be extremely active in the fall as they participate in more aggressive feeding to build up their energy reserves for the winter months when food is scarce.

The different fish that are in season at this time of year include:

  • Striped Bass
  • Ling
  • Tautog
  • Scup
  • Summer Flounder

There are multiple ways to fish for all of these different saltwater fish this fall, but many experienced and new anglers find that a fishing trip is the best way to get to where the fish are. It also gives them the best shot at catching a large number of fish, including a few impressive trophy fish.

This fall, the Marilyn Jean will run NYC fishing trips from Brooklyn with trips, departing every day and often with full day and half day options. A fishing trip on the Marilyn Jean promises a rewarding fishing trip, a chance to experience being on the water and fall weather, and a comfortable journey guided by a friendly captain and crew.

You can view all of our upcoming fishing trips on the calendar and purchase tickets for a fall fishing trip today.

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Long Island Fishing Trips

Long Island has many great freshwater fishing spots in the local lakes and ponds, as well as saltwater fishing from many spots on the coast. Yet one of the best ways to access fishing around Long Island is aboard a fishing boat that can take you directly to the action and provide an opportunity to catch any of the wide range of fish in waters around Long Island, New York City, and New Jersey.

Marilyn Jean Fishing has almost daily fishing trips throughout the year. Our trips leave from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and head to many different fishing locations around Long Island and New York Harbor for a fishing experience for all ages. You can purchase tickets in advance for upcoming trips online.

What Do We Fish for on the Marilyn Jean

The harbors, bays, and inlets around Long Island and NYC are the ideal environment for a number of different fish species. Each season has a few fish populations at their peak, making for the year round opportunities for fishing around Long Island. We offer fishing trips for:

  • Striped Bass
  • Porgy
  • Cod
  • Mackerel
  • Fluke
  • Tautog, and Others

Trip options will vary throughout the year. All year long, we traditionally offer trips that leave in the morning and return mid afternoon, giving you an entire day of fishing in multiple offshore destinations.

We also offer half day trips at different times, perfect for those who are newer to fishing and looking to try it out, younger anglers, and visitors to Long Island who already have a full schedule of things to see and do. Evening trips are also a great option and often get you out on the water at the time which fish are most active.

About Marilyn Jean Fishing – The Leading Fishing Charter in Long Island, NYC, and More

Fishing on board the Marilyn Jean offers an exciting experience for everyone. For experienced anglers, it is a great way to get to some of the best locations and cast for fish you will not find elsewhere. It is also a great way to try out the sport of fishing since rods, reels, and bait are included in your ticket costs. Fishing is also a great tourist activity that provides a different way to see Long Island NYC.

When you sail on the Marilyn Jean, our local knowledge, years of experience, and well maintained fleet will make sure you have a good time and see a good catch. We are able to provide:

  • Up to Date Knowledge- We have up to date fishing information and we continuously track where fish are, particularly migrating species like striped bass. Since we sail almost every day, we have first hand knowledge of these locations for the best chance of finding fish fast and accurately on your fishing trip.
  • Comfortable Fishing Boats – Each of the party boats in our fleet have spacious and well lit decks, interiors with ample seating, and kitchenettes where you can microwave food while on board. They also have twin diesel engines that give us a faster traveling time and a smoother ride so the waters will not feel as rough.
  • Friendly and Full Service Crew – Our crew handles baiting hooks, fish cleaning, and untangling lines. They can also give you pointers for catching a particular type of fish.

All of our trips leave from and return to our dock in Sheepshead Bay, which is located in Brooklyn. For those coming in from Long Island, the area around Sheepshead Bay has plenty of paid and free parking and also has a subway stop across the street for easy access from wherever you are in NYC.

Plan Your Long Island Fishing Trip on the Marilyn Jean Today

Whether you are a Long Island local or visiting the area, an NYC fishing trip is a cannot miss experience while you are here. We recommend guaranteeing your spot by purchasing your tickets ahead of time. You can see all of our upcoming trips on the online calendar and purchase your tickets directly from there.

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Updated Fishing Limits for Fishing in NYC

Taking fish home and cooking up freshly caught fish after a day on the water can be one of the best parts of fishing. If you are on a Manhattan fishing trip or participating in any saltwater fishing off the coast of NYC, you need to be aware of the daily catch limits from the Department of Environmental Conservation. These limits detail how many fish you can take home.

The DEC updates these limits from time to time based on current and projected fish populations. As a result, they have updated catch limits for fall and winter 2022 for summer flounder, porgy and black sea bass that all fishermen need to be aware of.

New Daily Catch Limits in NYC from the DEC

Saltwater fishing daily limits are put in place to prevent overfishing and the decimation of fish species. They determine how many fish you can take home, although there is no limit for catch and release fishing.

Many fish, such as striped bass, have already had imposed limits, and the DEC has recently added the following limits:

  • Porgy – The limit for porgy, or scup, is 30 fish for individuals and 50 fish for people onboard a party fishing boat like the Marilyn Jean. Party fishing boats also now have a season between the beginning of September and the end of October. All fish must be over 10 inches.
  • Summer Flounder – Fluke has a daily catch limit of 4 fish for all individuals with a season that runs from May 1 to October 9. Fish need to measure at least 18.5 inches.
  • Black Sea Bass – Individuals can take home 3 black sea bass until August 31 and 6 between September 1 and December 31. At any time, kept fish need to be 16 inches long or more.

On a party boat fishing trip in New York on the Marilyn Jean, our crew can keep track of all these limits for you, as well as clean any of the fish you will be taking home.

Additionally, with our expertise and knowledge of local fish populations, we can often get you to fishing hot spots for the best chance of hitting those daily fishing limits if you are trying to stock up on fish in NYC. View our calendar to see which fish we are currently sailing for and purchase your tickets today.

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Staten Island Fishing Trips

Beaches and parks around Staten Island offer prime opportunities for fishing. But you can also head off the coast by boat to places like Raritan Bay, Rockaway Beach, Sandyhook Bay, and other locations around NYC. This offers both a unique fishing experience and a chance to catch the many exciting saltwater fish that live around Staten Island and the rest of New York.

Marilyn Jean Fishing offers fishing trips near Staten Island. Our trips depart from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and run year round with trips for a range of saltwater fish varieties around NYC. Check our online calendar for our upcoming trips and purchase tickets.

What You Will Fish for on a Staten Island Fishing Trip

After departing from our dock in Brooklyn, Marilyn Jean Fishing travels to a number of locations off the coast of New York and New Jersey. We choose our destinations based on where we know fish have recently been active, the timing of year, and the type of fish we are going after, whether that is a bottom feeding blackfish that thrives in rocky conditions or a striped bass in fast flowing currents.

Some of the locations we most often visit include:

  • Raritan Bay
  • Coney Island
  • Sandy Hook
  • Rockaway Beach
  • Jamaica Bay

Each of our party boats is equipped with twin diesel engines, making it possible for us to get to our destinations quickly and move between locations throughout the trip to maximize the time that you spend fishing.

Types of Fish We Catch on a Staten Island Fishing Trip

Our fishing trips occur throughout the year and different seasons will offer a variety of experiences. Some of our different trips include fishing for:

  • Ling
  • Black Fish
  • Fluke
  • Mackerel
  • Striped Bass
  • Cod

Every trip generally focuses on two or three varieties of fish. We have full day, half day, and evening trips available, depending on how long you want to be out. All trips provide necessary fishing equipment, including rods, reels, and bait with tackle available for purchase on board.

Why Join a Fishing Trip on the Marilyn Jean?

Whether you live in Staten Island or are visiting on vacation, a fishing trip is a great activity for all ages and experience levels. Sheepshead Bay and our dock are easily accessible by public transit or car, and there is ample parking in the area.

Some of the other advantages to planning your fishing trip on the Marilyn Jean include:

  • Experienced Crew – Our captain and crew have been boating and fishing around NYC for many years. We have extensive experience and knowledge about fishing techniques and are able to answer questions and provide pointers while you are on board.
  • Updated Fishing Reports – Because we sail so often, we are able to track fish populations closely and know where they are most likely to be.
  • Safe and Comfortable Trips – All of our boats are equipped with comprehensive safety and navigation systems, as well as amenities like microwaves, cabin seating, and clean bathrooms so you feel at home while on board.

Fishing on the Marilyn Jean is a great way to catch fish, spend a relaxing day on the water, and potentially take home fresh caught fish for dinner.

Start Planning Your Staten Island Fishing Trip

When you are looking for something to do in or around Staten Island, an NYC fishing trip is the perfect choice. You can see all of our planned trips and sailing times on our calendar and purchase your tickets to reserve a spot onboard.

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Winter Fishing Trips in NYC

The waters around NYC offer plenty of great fishing opportunities even as the weather begins to cool.  Many saltwater fish remain active in the winter, and other fish populations peak during these months. This gives local and visiting anglers numerous opportunities to make some great catches in NYC on a winter fishing trip.

Marilyn Jean Fishing offers fishing trips in NYC throughout the winter. During the colder months we regularly sail from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn to catch a variety of winter fish. Check our calendar for upcoming trips and reserve your spot by buying tickets.

What You Will Experience on an NYC Winter Fishing Trip

Despite colder temperatures, several species of saltwater fish remain active in the waters around NYC and NJ and this can be a rewarding time of the year to fish. We have winter fishing trips for:

  • Fluke
  • Ling
  • Cod
  • Mackerel
  • Porgy

We run trips for these different fish with half day and full day options based on when fish are active and the experience you want out on the water.

Our dock is located in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, and from there, we can head to locations like

  • Rockaway Beach
  • Raritan Bay
  • Jamaica Bay
  • Sandy Hook Bay, and Others

We base our destination on where we expect fish to be active based on our up to date fishing reports, our daily trips, and the signs of optimal fishing locations that our experienced crew can spot. The powerful, twin diesel engines on our fleet mean we also are able to move around throughout the day to track fish without sacrificing too much time to travel.

What Makes Marilyn Jean Fishing the Best Choice for Winter Fishing Trips?

There is no denying that the fishing season in NYC dies down somewhat in the winter, but our crew onboard the Marilyn Jean knows that there are still many fantastic opportunities for fishing even when the weather gets cold. As a result, we are one of a few fishing excursions in NYC that continues to offer our trips throughout the year.

On the Marilyn Jean, you will enjoy all the following amenities during your fishing trip:

  • Temperature Controlled Interior – During travel or if the weather gets a little too chilly, you can step inside the cabin where it will be more comfortable.
  • Equipment Included – Your ticket includes rental of your rod and reel and all of the bait you need. You can also purchase tackle onboard.
  • Experienced and Friendly – We have been fishing in NYC for years and we know how to give our customers the best experience. Our friendly crew is also on hand throughout the fishing trip to help bait hooks in fish, untangle lines, and provide tips if you need them.

Our fleet is also up to date, inspected, and equipped with all safety and navigation equipment for safe fishing in the wintertime in NYC.

Schedule a Fishing Trip in NYC this Winter

Fishing on the Marilyn Jean is a great way to get out and to continue enjoying fishing experiences during the winter. Our fishing trips are ideal for both newer fishermen and pro anglers with a variety of winter fish offering plenty of different experiences. Purchase tickets online for your winter fishing trip.

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Fall Fishing Trips in NYC

The fall months in NYC can be a perfect time to go fishing. Temperatures generally remain relatively warm, a number of fish are active in the area just off the coast, and many fish species are feeding voraciously in preparation for winter. This makes for both a pleasant day on the water and a rewarding fishing trip in NYC.

Marilyn Jean Fishing has NYC fall fishing trips departing almost daily in September, October, and November. We sail from Brooklyn with full day and half day fishing trips that will take you to some of the best saltwater fishing spots off the coast of NYC and New Jersey. Check out all of our upcoming fishing trips and book your ticket.

Fish We Catch on Autumn Fishing Trips

There are several fish species in NYC that remain active as temperatures begin to cool. For some fish, months like October can even present the best fishing of the season. Some of the different species we go after on the Marilyn Jean include:

  • Striped Bass – Striped bass season officially ends December 15, but fall can be the best time to fish for them before bass start to swim further south for the winter. These late season bass offer a great chance to catch a large trophy fish as they have had time to feed and grow all summer and are putting on extra weight to make it through the winter.
  • Porgy – Porgy are most active in the late summer and early fall, but our team is able to track and help you catch them into November and December. This fish provides an exciting fishing opportunity that will test your skills when you go to reel one in.
  • Fluke – Summer flounder are still around in the fall and our fluke fishing trips on the Marilyn Jean will have you meeting daily catch limits for fluke until the end of the season in October. Fluke fishing in NYC is a great option for those wanting to try out bottom fishing.
  • Blackfish – Also known as tautog, blackfish are fighters that live around rocks, jetties, piers, and other rocky hiding places. Their populations peak twice a year, including in October and November.
  • Ling – Ling live in the waters around NYC all year long, but populations begin to increase in the fall and peak in the winter. This makes the fall a great time to head out to catch ling which offer a more relaxing trip and a tasty fish to cook up when you get back home.

The boats in our fleet sail for full day trips that run from 7am to 3pm, half day trips from 8am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm, and evening trips at 7:30pm depending on the day of the week. These times are subject to change, so always take a look at the current schedule for our up to date times.

Why Go Fishing in NYC on the Marilyn Jean this Fall

At Marilyn Jean Fishing, we offer fishing trips almost every day of the year, including throughout the fall. This gives us up-to -date information on where fish are from day to day and as we move into autumn, increasing the chance that you will be able to catch several fish while aboard.

We go to a variety of NYC’s offshore fishing spots, including Raritan Bay, Rockaway Beach, Coney Island, Jamaica Bay, and others, based on where we know we will get the best bite. Each boat in our fleet is equipped with twin diesel engines as well for a fast and smooth trip so we can spend less time on travel and more time fishing.

The other benefits of enjoying a fall fishing trip in NYC aboard the Marilyn Jean include:

  • Included Equipment – Rods reels for saltwater fishing are included in the cost of your ticket, as is bait for any fish species we are going after on a particular trip. Tackle is available for purchase on board.
  • Comfortable Fleet – In addition to meeting all safety standards, our Coast Guard-inspected fleet is also equipped with everything you need for comfort during your fishing trip, including clean and spacious decks, cabin, and bathrooms.
  • Professional and Friendly Crew – Our crew is here to assist you throughout your trip from baiting hooks and cleaning any fish you choose to keep to sharing expertise if you need assistance.

Joining a fishing trip in NYC this autumn is a great way to hook a trophy fish, try NYC fishing for the first time, or enjoy a beautiful fall day on the water with the best fishing expedition in NYC.

Purchase Tickets for Fishing on the Marilyn Jean

Our fishing trips leave from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, which is conveniently located to Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and the surrounding area by car or public transit. We accept walk ups on a first come first serve basis, but the best way to guarantee your spot on a Marilyn Jean fishing trip this fall is to purchase your ticket on our website.

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How to Catch and Release Fish Successfully

When fishing in NYC, catch and release fishing is a valuable technique. There are many fish that are not right for eating and you will not want to take home. For instance, the trophy striped bass, while impressive in photos, will not be very tasty. Other fish may be too small to keep or eat or the wrong type.

Additionally, as you hone your skills with fishing, there may be days where you quickly reach your limit on how many fish you can take home per the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, but you want to continue fishing. In all of these cases, you will need to be able to practice catch and release fishing so that you can safely return fish to the water alive.

Catch and Release Fishing Guidelines

Catch and release fishing is a humane and eco-friendly way to fish. It prevents overfishing so that populations remain strong year over year and people in NYC can continue to enjoy fishing experiences. Handling the process of catching the fish and returning it to the water does require a bit of knowledge to be sure that they are not accidentally hurting or killing the fish. In general, you should follow these steps:

  • Don’t Play the Fish Too Long – Land you fish as fast as you can and avoid making it too tired as you reel in. Being tired means the fish will take longer to recover after you release it.
  • Minimize Out of Water Time – Keep the time that the fish spends out of the water as short as possible and release the fish as quickly as you can.
  • Keep Hands Moist – You should handle the fish as little as possible, and keep your hands wet when you do to be gentle on the fish’s scales.
  • Use a Landing Net – A landing net will also decrease the time that you handle the fish. Rubber nets are best since they are least likely to damage a fish’s gills.
  • Support the Fish – If holding the fish, cradle it gently in your hands. You should hold a larger fish with a hand underneath its belly.
  • Remove or Leave the Hook – Removing the hook is best unless it is deeply logged. In these cases, cut the line closely and leave the hook in the fish rather than trying to pull it out.
  • Return the Fish Gently – Let the fish go back into the water head first and slowly. If you can, let the fish jump into the water from your hand itself. Going too quickly here can shock the fish and kill it.

Certain fish species may also have additional requirements in order to facilitate catch and release fishing. For example, striped bass, which are under environmental regulations, require fishing with a circle hook as opposed to an offset hook or J-hook to help reduce the risk that the hook will become stuck in the fish’s stomach.

Additionally, you should be aware of any part you should also be aware of any additional guidelines or local area regulations.

If you are interested in trying fishing in NYC, taking a trip aboard the Marilyn Jean is a great way to get started. Because many of the anglers that sail on our half day and full day fishing trips in NYC enjoy sport fishing, catch and release is a staple – although not required, as long as regulations permit – on board and our crew can help you use the proper procedure to be sure that you are safely handling your fish. Buy a ticket for an upcoming fishing boat trip to experience the best sport fishing in NYC.