Party Boat Fishing NYC w/Marilyn Jean

The area around NYC has many opportunities for fantastic fishing, but the saltwater of NY Harbor and off the coast of NJ and NY reliably offers some of the most exciting trips. Our NYC fishing party boat with Marilyn Jean Fishing is the best way to get you to these fishing hot spots and help you bring home a great catch at any time of the year.

Marilyn Jean Fishing runs public and private party boat fishing trips in NYC. Departing from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, we travel to the best locations for bottom-feeders and deep sea fishing, guided by a captain and crew who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Check out upcoming trips, get pricing, or call us at (646)-413-1643 for additional information about our fishing trips.

Advantages of NYC Party Boat Fishing

You have several options when you want to head out fishing around New York. Whether you are planning a solo trip or a day out with friends, joining a fishing party boat trip is the ultimate way to experience fishing in NYC. You can schedule your own private party boat fishing charter with our team, or join dozens of anglers of all skill levels ready for an exciting day out on the water. Party boat fishing is:

  • Good for Most Skill Levels – If you are new to fishing, party boat fishing can get you to the right spots and give you time to finetune your deep sea fishing skills. Since we have equipment available, it also makes it easy to try out fishing even if you do not have equipment. For more experienced fishermen, you can get to spots you would not typically be able to access.
  • Visit New Locations – Locations for deep sea fishing from shore in New York are limited and often overfished. Boat fishing takes you out to where large fish are active and plentiful to increase your chances of bringing home a great catch.
  • Affordable Way to Fish – Rather than rent your own boat or try to manage the experience yourself, our party boat fishing lets you catch a variety of fish and spend an enjoyable day on the water for a fraction of the price.

Besides fishing in places you would not normally have access to, you will also be treated to great views of the many landmarks, bridges, piers, and lighthouses off the coasts of New York and New Jersey. This makes for some sightseeing as we head towards our destination, and a chance to relax on the way home.

What We Fish for on the Marilyn Jean

The waterways around NYC contain a diverse variety of fish and different seasons offer their own experiences. Choose a relaxing morning fishing for porgies or reel in an impressive trophy fish. Some of the fishing trips we offer will give you a chance to catch:

  • Striped Bass
  • Lingcod
  • Porgies
  • Blackfish
  • Seabass, and More

Trip timing depends on spawning seasons and the year to year activity of individual species. Because many fish species are active at similar times in the same location, many of our trips will include a chance to fish for several types for a more varied catch.

Our Party Boat Fishing Schedule

We make our ships available for private charters at almost all times of day, and we encourage you to give us a call if you want a private party boat fishing charter for your friends out on the open water. We also have great ongoing daily boating schedules for those that want to join us with a group.

Party boat fishing in NYC includes high quality bait and buckets for the fish you catch. We also have rods and reels available for rent for only $5, and tackle available for purchase on board.

Depending on the time of year and the type of fish we are angling, the captain will choose a few locations where fish will be biting. We use our knowledge of tides, seasons, fishing behaviors, weather, and bird patterns to guide you to the optimal fishing spots, and our diesel engine boats make it easy and fast to move to each new spot. Some of the locations around NYC we are able to visit include Jamaica Bay, Rockaway Beach, Coney Island, Sandy Hook, and other spots along the coast of New Jersey.

Why Marilyn Jean for Party Boat Fishing in NYC

Our fishing trips are ideal for experienced anglers, families, NYC visitors, work trips, excursions, and so much more. Aboard each of our boats, you will find:

  • U.S. Coast Guard Inspected Fleet – Our fleet is regularly inspected and equipped with all the latest safety equipment and our crew is trained in safety procedures. You can be assured that you and your group are safe while out at sea with us.
  • Comfortable Amenities – With spotless restrooms, kitchen appliances, heating, and powerful deck lights for evening trips, you’ll be comfortable throughout the trip. Our twin diesel engines also ensure a smooth ride for those less accustomed to being on the
  • Service Oriented Crew – Besides our experienced captain, the mates aboard your party boat are ready to provide bait, fishing cleaning, and help with tangled lines or other concerns that may arise while you are onboard.

In addition to party boat experiences, Marilyn Jean Fishing also offers private charters. You will have one of our luxury boats for the sole use of your fishing group and can choose the locations and sites you want to visit.

Buy Your Party Boat Fishing Ticket Today

Our party boat trips run all year long with cruises most days of the year. If you’re interested in catching fish with your friends, contact us today or use our online schedule to find out more about our daily excursions.