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When Does Fishing Season Start in NYC?

If you’ve paid attention to our schedule here at Marilyn Jean over the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that we haven’t scheduled many outings over the year. That’s because, while fishing is still legal for a variety of fish species, most of the fish that we catch are no longer in season.

The start of the fishing season in NYC varies depending on the type of fish, the specific water bodies, and regulations set by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). Fishing seasons are designated to protect fish populations during their spawning periods, ensuring sustainable fishing opportunities for future generations.

We take the boat out to Sheepshead Bay, which offers opportunities to catch a variety of fish, which vary across seasons. These include –

  • Striped Bass – The season for striped bass, one of the most popular game fish in Sheepshead Bay, generally starts in April and extends through December. Early season catches are often rewarding, with peak activity in spring and fall.
  • Flounder – Flounder fishing in Sheepshead Bay usually kicks off in March and can be productive through early summer. These flatfish are a favorite among local anglers for their taste and the challenge they present.
  • Bluefish – The energetic and aggressive bluefish typically arrive in Sheepshead Bay around May, with the season extending into the fall. Their strong fight makes them a thrilling catch for sport fishing enthusiasts.
  • Porgy (Scup) – Porgy fishing begins in May, offering excellent opportunities throughout the summer and into early fall. These fish are known for their delicious flavor and are a common target for family fishing trips.
  • Blackfish (Tautog) – The blackfish season usually starts in October and can last until December, providing exciting late-season fishing opportunities. Their knack for hiding in rocky structures adds to the challenge and fun of targeting them.

You can read all about the different regulations and requirements for this type of saltwater fishing experience directly on the NYSDEC Website.

Regulations and Permits

Before heading out, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the local fishing regulations, including size limits, catch limits, and any area-specific rules.

The fishing season in NYC offers diverse opportunities for anglers to enjoy the sport amidst the urban landscape. By understanding the seasonal timelines, adhering to regulations, and engaging with the local fishing community, you can enjoy fruitful and responsible fishing experiences in New York City’s waterways. Whether you’re casting for trout in the spring or targeting striped bass in the fall, the city’s waters provide a unique backdrop for anglers of all levels.

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