Ling Fishing in NYC

Fishing for ling around New York City is a fantastic experience for both experienced anglers and those looking to try something new. Marilyn Jean Fishing runs both public fishing excursions and private fishing charters in NYC. With our expert team and all the equipment you need, we help you experience an exciting day out at sea hooking delicious lingcod. Contact us at (646) 413-1643 to get more information about our private Ling fishing charters, or use our scheduling form to book a day out on one of our boats with others just like you.

Fishing for Ling On a Boat in NYC

Ling, also known as red hake, is a type of cod. They are a bottom feeder that is prevalent in high numbers off the coast of New Jersey and New York. It is a great fish for winter fishing, but also one we can hook all year long.

Of all the fish around NYC, ling is one of the easier species to catch. It is also extremely tasty. This makes a ling fishing trip ideal if you have party members who are new to fishing or if you are looking for a more relaxing trip.

NYC Night Fishing Aboard the Marilyn Jean

Ling is one of our most popular winter fishing experiences in New York City, which is why so many people buy tickets or walk on to our near daily excursions during the colder winter months that we have from our launch point at Pier 6 at Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. You can come visit us if you’d like to

Our fishing charters for ling are available as half day and full day trips. With either option, we will take you to locations around NYC like Jamaica Bay, Rockaway Beach, Raritan Bay, and more where you are sure to catch an abundance of lingcod.

In addition to lessons to help those aboard build their angling expertise, we provide high quality equipment that includes all that you group will need to catch ling:

  • Rods and Reels
  • Baits for Ling
  • Hooks and Sinkers
  • Ice and Coolers
  • Buckets

If you’d like an experience for just you and your guests, you can book a private charter, which also has the option to add on a catering package to supply you with good food while you are at sea. You can also bring your own food and alcohol aboard.

With ling often active at night, you can also experience ling through night fishing. Our evening ling charters depart at 7:00pm or after from our Sheepshead Bay dock. Your group will get to see the NYC skyline, bridges, lighthouses, and other features lit up as we travel to our destination, at which point we will fire up the deck lights as you enjoy fishing throughout the evening.

About Marilyn Jean Fishing

Marilyn Jean Fishing offers a variety of fishing excursions in NYC. From our daily fishing trips to our private cruises, sailing aboard one of our boats is the best way to experience fishing off the New York and New Jersey coasts. With our daily outings, which are open to the public, you can meet a lot of like minded people and have a great time out on the water with friends or strangers.

You can also get a private ling fishing charter from Marilyn Jean Fishing, offering a unique place to host a party, celebrate an event, or enjoy a fishing trip with friends. Our private fishing charters for ling on the Marilyn Jean IV can host anywhere from a few people to 100, letting you plan a custom trip for a wide variety of parties.

Some of the advantages of traveling with Marilyn Jean Fishing you can expect are:

  • Suitable for all events, experiences, and skill levels.
  • US Coast Guard inspected ships equipped with the latest safety equipment and navigating technology.
  • Twin diesel engines on our fleet to cut down on travel time and give you more time to fish.
  • Comfortable fleet with the amenities to enjoy a fishing excursion at any time of the year.
  • First hand daily fishing reports on where lingcod and other species are active.

Get more information on our fishing charter rates, scheduling, and options available for your ling fishing charter today. You can reach us by phone at (646) 413-1643 to get started with a private fishing charter, or reserve tickets to our daily events today with our scheduling form. We do allow walk ons as well if space allows.