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Staten Island Fishing Trips

Beaches and parks around Staten Island offer prime opportunities for fishing. But you can also head off the coast by boat to places like Raritan Bay, Rockaway Beach, Sandyhook Bay, and other locations around NYC. This offers both a unique fishing experience and a chance to catch the many exciting saltwater fish that live around Staten Island and the rest of New York.

Marilyn Jean Fishing offers fishing trips near Staten Island. Our trips depart from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and run year round with trips for a range of saltwater fish varieties around NYC. Check our online calendar for our upcoming trips and purchase tickets.

What You Will Fish for on a Staten Island Fishing Trip

After departing from our dock in Brooklyn, Marilyn Jean Fishing travels to a number of locations off the coast of New York and New Jersey. We choose our destinations based on where we know fish have recently been active, the timing of year, and the type of fish we are going after, whether that is a bottom feeding blackfish that thrives in rocky conditions or a striped bass in fast flowing currents.

Some of the locations we most often visit include:

  • Raritan Bay
  • Coney Island
  • Sandy Hook
  • Rockaway Beach
  • Jamaica Bay

Each of our party boats is equipped with twin diesel engines, making it possible for us to get to our destinations quickly and move between locations throughout the trip to maximize the time that you spend fishing.

Types of Fish We Catch on a Staten Island Fishing Trip

Our fishing trips occur throughout the year and different seasons will offer a variety of experiences. Some of our different trips include fishing for:

  • Ling
  • Black Fish
  • Fluke
  • Mackerel
  • Striped Bass
  • Cod

Every trip generally focuses on two or three varieties of fish. We have full day, half day, and evening trips available, depending on how long you want to be out. All trips provide necessary fishing equipment, including rods, reels, and bait with tackle available for purchase on board.

Why Join a Fishing Trip on the Marilyn Jean?

Whether you live in Staten Island or are visiting on vacation, a fishing trip is a great activity for all ages and experience levels. Sheepshead Bay and our dock are easily accessible by public transit or car, and there is ample parking in the area.

Some of the other advantages to planning your fishing trip on the Marilyn Jean include:

  • Experienced Crew – Our captain and crew have been boating and fishing around NYC for many years. We have extensive experience and knowledge about fishing techniques and are able to answer questions and provide pointers while you are on board.
  • Updated Fishing Reports – Because we sail so often, we are able to track fish populations closely and know where they are most likely to be.
  • Safe and Comfortable Trips – All of our boats are equipped with comprehensive safety and navigation systems, as well as amenities like microwaves, cabin seating, and clean bathrooms so you feel at home while on board.

Fishing on the Marilyn Jean is a great way to catch fish, spend a relaxing day on the water, and potentially take home fresh caught fish for dinner.

Start Planning Your Staten Island Fishing Trip

When you are looking for something to do in or around Staten Island, an NYC fishing trip is the perfect choice. You can see all of our planned trips and sailing times on our calendar and purchase your tickets to reserve a spot onboard.

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