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Fishing Report 12-20-23 – Last Days of Blackfishing

It was a good season for blackfish this year. We had a lot of guests come home with some great catches. But, like all good things, the season is coming to an end. There are only two days left in 2023 to go blackfish fishing, so anyone that is still interested in being out on the water for blackfish should sign up for the last outings.

We’ve been out every day. Take a look at some of the catches from the past few weeks:

We’ll keep you posted about our schedule after 12/22/23, when blackfish season ends. But we’ll still be here, so make sure you follow our updates (including our Facebook page) to see what we’re catching next and how the fish are biting.

You can order your tickets right here, or you can call or text Captain Anthony at 347 952 1442 or Capt Tony at 646-413-1643.

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