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Updated Fishing Limits for Fishing in NYC

Taking fish home and cooking up freshly caught fish after a day on the water can be one of the best parts of fishing. If you are on a Manhattan fishing trip or participating in any saltwater fishing off the coast of NYC, you need to be aware of the daily catch limits from the Department of Environmental Conservation. These limits detail how many fish you can take home.

The DEC updates these limits from time to time based on current and projected fish populations. As a result, they have updated catch limits for fall and winter 2022 for summer flounder, porgy and black sea bass that all fishermen need to be aware of.

New Daily Catch Limits in NYC from the DEC

Saltwater fishing daily limits are put in place to prevent overfishing and the decimation of fish species. They determine how many fish you can take home, although there is no limit for catch and release fishing.

Many fish, such as striped bass, have already had imposed limits, and the DEC has recently added the following limits:

  • Porgy – The limit for porgy, or scup, is 30 fish for individuals and 50 fish for people onboard a party fishing boat like the Marilyn Jean. Party fishing boats also now have a season between the beginning of September and the end of October. All fish must be over 10 inches.
  • Summer Flounder – Fluke has a daily catch limit of 4 fish for all individuals with a season that runs from May 1 to October 9. Fish need to measure at least 18.5 inches.
  • Black Sea Bass – Individuals can take home 3 black sea bass until August 31 and 6 between September 1 and December 31. At any time, kept fish need to be 16 inches long or more.

On a party boat fishing trip in New York on the Marilyn Jean, our crew can keep track of all these limits for you, as well as clean any of the fish you will be taking home.

Additionally, with our expertise and knowledge of local fish populations, we can often get you to fishing hot spots for the best chance of hitting those daily fishing limits if you are trying to stock up on fish in NYC. View our calendar to see which fish we are currently sailing for and purchase your tickets today.

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