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Winter Fishing Trips in NYC

The waters around NYC offer plenty of great fishing opportunities even as the weather begins to cool.  Many saltwater fish remain active in the winter, and other fish populations peak during these months. This gives local and visiting anglers numerous opportunities to make some great catches in NYC on a winter fishing trip.

Marilyn Jean Fishing offers fishing trips in NYC throughout the winter. During the colder months we regularly sail from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn to catch a variety of winter fish. Check our calendar for upcoming trips and reserve your spot by buying tickets.

What You Will Experience on an NYC Winter Fishing Trip

Despite colder temperatures, several species of saltwater fish remain active in the waters around NYC and NJ and this can be a rewarding time of the year to fish. We have winter fishing trips for:

  • Fluke
  • Ling
  • Cod
  • Mackerel
  • Porgy

We run trips for these different fish with half day and full day options based on when fish are active and the experience you want out on the water.

Our dock is located in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, and from there, we can head to locations like

  • Rockaway Beach
  • Raritan Bay
  • Jamaica Bay
  • Sandy Hook Bay, and Others

We base our destination on where we expect fish to be active based on our up to date fishing reports, our daily trips, and the signs of optimal fishing locations that our experienced crew can spot. The powerful, twin diesel engines on our fleet mean we also are able to move around throughout the day to track fish without sacrificing too much time to travel.

What Makes Marilyn Jean Fishing the Best Choice for Winter Fishing Trips?

There is no denying that the fishing season in NYC dies down somewhat in the winter, but our crew onboard the Marilyn Jean knows that there are still many fantastic opportunities for fishing even when the weather gets cold. As a result, we are one of a few fishing excursions in NYC that continues to offer our trips throughout the year.

On the Marilyn Jean, you will enjoy all the following amenities during your fishing trip:

  • Temperature Controlled Interior – During travel or if the weather gets a little too chilly, you can step inside the cabin where it will be more comfortable.
  • Equipment Included – Your ticket includes rental of your rod and reel and all of the bait you need. You can also purchase tackle onboard.
  • Experienced and Friendly – We have been fishing in NYC for years and we know how to give our customers the best experience. Our friendly crew is also on hand throughout the fishing trip to help bait hooks in fish, untangle lines, and provide tips if you need them.

Our fleet is also up to date, inspected, and equipped with all safety and navigation equipment for safe fishing in the wintertime in NYC.

Schedule a Fishing Trip in NYC this Winter

Fishing on the Marilyn Jean is a great way to get out and to continue enjoying fishing experiences during the winter. Our fishing trips are ideal for both newer fishermen and pro anglers with a variety of winter fish offering plenty of different experiences. Purchase tickets online for your winter fishing trip.

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