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Bait Fishing versus Jigging for Winter Cod Fishing in NYC


Cod fishing remains strong in NYC throughout the winter when the later winter months can often yield some impressively large fish. When you head off the coast on a party boat fishing trip for cod, you have two primary options for catching codfish, either bait fishing or jigging.

Here are the differences and how to choose which method to use on your next cod fishing trip and which one to try this season.

Is Bait or Jigging Better to Catch Cod?

Bait is almost always a reliable method for cod fishing. It is also the easiest for newer anglers to pick up while still yielding reliable results. For bait fishing, you will want to utilize the following strategies:

  • Use a Good Live Bait – You will want live bait for cod fishing. Clams often work well, as does our crab or squid. Choose bait that is as fresh as possible since it will have the most smell to attract cod.
  • Try a High-Low Rig – This is one of the simplest rigs for bait fishing. You will use a sinker that is double overhand knotted to your lead. Above the sinker, you will evenly space two octopus hooks above the sinker. This arrangement will get your hooks to the bottom where the cod are to provide an attractive target for fish. 
  • Be Prepared to Change Things Up – On any given day, codfish may find something else more attractive than what you are using. Watch others on the boat to see who is reeling in cod and be ready to switch your rigging or bait.

You can also try your hand at jigging for cod. This can take a bit of practice to get your technique just right, but can be a very effective way to catch cod. You will want a lightweight jigging tackle. After casting, you will gently bounce the rig along the bottom to entice a bite.

Both bait and rigging can yield reliable results for cod fishing and help you reel in some impressive catches this winter. One of the best ways to get to where codfish are is aboard the Marilyn Jean. Our winter cod fishing trips occur daily throughout the season as we seek out cod and a variety of other fish. 

We have bait and tackle aboard so that you can fish for cod by either rejigging or bait fishing to catch codfish this winter. See our upcoming trips and reserve your place on board by purchasing tickets today.

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