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Five Tips for Sea Bass Fishing in NYC


Black sea bass season in NYC starts in the spring, but it is still going strong in the winter months as sea bass have made their way back down from New England to warmer waters in the mid-Atlantic. This is a great time of year for landing jumbo sea bass in the deeper waters off the coast of NYC. These tips can help you get the best catch this winter. 

Strategies for Catching, Keeping, and Cooking Sea Bass 

Sea bass are one of the fish in NYC that are as good to catch as they are to eat. They will put up a spirited fight when you hook one and provide a flaky fish with delicate flavor when you cook the fish up at home. You can use these tips to help you land the best black sea bass:

  • Go to the Fish – Sea bass are bottom feeders that are typically around 80 to 100 feet deep, and often deeper during cold temperatures. Party boat fishing is the best way to get out to where black sea bass are since the waters will not often be deep enough with surf or pier fishing.
  • Choose the Right Bait – When black sea bass are biting, they will go for almost anything, but in winter they can be a little pickier. Live baits or strips of fish will provide a scent that is more likely to entice sea bass to bite. 
  • Know Where the Fish Are – In deep water, sea bass will spend the majority of their time in the shelter of underwater structures. Areas that have boulders or reefs on the sea floor are the most likely spaces to catch black sea bass, although it can be necessary to cover a wide area to determine just where sea bass are. In spring and early summer sea bass fishing, there is a potential for some top water fishing as well in which case you can use birds to direct you to the fish.
  • Know the Fishing Limits -If you will be taking home fish, there is a limit of 3 fish per person or 6 per person when aboard a party fishing boat. Kept fish must be over 16 inches in length and the end of the black sea bass fishing season is December 31.
  • Cook Them Correctly – One of the main benefits of black sea bass is eating the fresh fish you catch. To prepare fish correctly, you will want to bleed out the fish shortly after catching it and then fillet the fish to prepare it. Sea bass are generally easier to filet if you leave them sitting on ice for around 24 hours. The flavor of black sea bass works well in nearly any dish so you can adapt your meal to your tastes.

To take advantage of the last months of black sea bass fishing in NYC, join a party boat fishing trip aboard the Marilyn Jean. We are running full day fishing trips daily for sea bass, ling, and cod and can take you to great locations for catching this fish. Choose an upcoming trip and purchase tickets online.

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