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Fishing 101 – What Are Shorts?

It’s never a bad time to start fishing. But there’s a lot to learn. Understanding the terminology used in fishing is essential to fully appreciate and participate in the sport. One such term that frequently comes up in fishing discussions is “shorts.” There are both legal and functional reasons to recognize what a “Short” is, and how it differentiates from other terms, such as “keepers”

Defining Shorts in Fishing

In fishing terminology, the term “shorts” refers to fish that do not meet the minimum size requirements specified by fishing regulations. These regulations vary across regions and are implemented to ensure the sustainability and conservation of fish populations. The minimum size limits are typically established based on scientific research and the reproductive characteristics of different fish species.

When a person catches one of these undersized fish (a “Short”) they are instructed to throw it back in the water so that it has an opportunity to grow. You are required by NYC law to make sure that you never take home one of these shorts, which means carefully unhooking it and releasing it back into the ocean.

Importance of Size Limits

Size limits play a crucial role in maintaining healthy fish populations and preserving the overall quality of fishing experience. By setting minimum size requirements, regulators aim to protect juvenile fish, allowing them to grow, reproduce, and contribute to the sustainability of the species.

  1. Preserving Reproductive Potential – Minimum size limits give fish the opportunity to reach sexual maturity and reproduce before they can be legally harvested. By allowing fish to reach a certain size, regulations help ensure the continuation of the species and maintain a balance within the ecosystem.
  2. Ensuring Population Sustainability – Size limits assist in preventing overfishing and stock depletion. By allowing fish to grow to a specific size before they can be harvested, regulators can control the fishing pressure on certain species. This helps maintain a stable population size and prevents the disruption of the ecological balance.
  3. Enhancing Fish Quality – Releasing undersized fish allows them to continue growing and developing. This leads to better fish quality when they eventually reach the legal size for harvest. Size restrictions contribute to improved fish size, weight, and overall taste, enhancing the angler’s experience.

New York City has very specific size minimums for different types of fish. As a company that takes people out on fishing trips, we strongly believe in respecting these size minimums and making sure all our guests follow the law.

But it’s also important strictly from a taste and quality perspective. Juvenile fish do not have the same flavor as mature fish. By releasing the fish back, you are also making sure that there are more full size fish to catch for a better overall taste profile.

Adhering to Fishing Regulations

It is the responsibility of anglers to familiarize themselves with local fishing regulations and adhere to the specified size limits. Regulations can vary depending on the location, species of fish, and sometimes even the time of year. Ignorance of these regulations can result in fines, penalties, or legal consequences.

At Marilyn Jean Fishing, we will make sure that you’re adhering to all local laws, so that we can maintain the fish populations that bring us so many excellent experiences. Many of our guests are brand new to fishing, and we are more than happy to explain fishing to you in greater detail. Schedule with us today to get started.

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Marilyn Jean Update

The MJ5 is is back from the shipyard. Unfortunately we will not be sailing until at least May 1st. Believe me our crew is eager to get back out there. But we must do our part to protect our crew and customers during these times. We will continue performing maintenance on the boats at our dock In Sheepshead Bay until the NY State eases up on business restrictions.

When the restrictions do ease up we will immediately start sailing again. Remember the Marilyn Jean 5 will provide you with the most space on any party boat in our area. We will limit our capacity and with our already extremely wide isles and large cabin our customers will enjoy the most distancing between passengers when it’s time to fish again in New York.  

Once we get the green light to fish we be sailing everyday @ 7am to 3pm for Ling and Cod on the MJ5 and some Striped Bass trips on the MJ4 as well.  Will will also start sailing at night from 7pm to 12 midnight on the MJ5 for Striped Bass and Bluefish.

We look forward to fishing with all of you again soon. Until then we pray 🙏 you will all be well, stay safe and do your part to slow down the spread and help those in need.

As always feel free to give me a call for updates or to book a private fishing charter.  Ryan 917-650-3212

You can book your open boat tickets online now  our spring / summer 2020 calendar is up.  More dates to be added soon.

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Gift Certificates at 10% off For the Holidays!

We have finished up our Blackfish season for 2018.  The weather is going to have us cancel the last day of theTog season.  We will try for Ling Cod and maybe Mackerel starting next weekend 12/28.

We want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year !

And don’t forget to to get your favorite fisherman a great gift while our certificates are 10% off !

Heres some pics of from the last couple weeks of Blackfish fishing on the Marilyn Jean IV and some sneak peaks at NEW Marilyn Jean V  coming soon to Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn !

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Big Porgys Day n Night Now with a 45 Fish per Person Limit !!

 The porgy fishing remains as good as it gets.   Both the day and night trips have been filling up a nice big sized Scup. We have  found some very large porgies on some trips.  To make things even better the New York State limit on porgies is now at 45 fish per person !  And the Seabass limit has also gone up to seven fish per person.  So come on down and get yours while the weather is still great.  We sail two fishing trips everyday from pier 6 in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, NY.

Take a look at these recent catches of Porgy’s on the Marilyn Jean IV.

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Fishing Report 1/27/18

We had a nice start to the day today, but the ocean got cranky as the day progressed. Fishing was not good just a handful of nice Ling, big Perch, some eels and a few short Cod and Tog. Chulo went home a happy man after hitting the $440 boat pool with a Big Ling. We will schedule our next trips based on nice weather around the weekends, so as of now there are no trips scheduled. Check back here or Facebook for updates. Thanks to all the guys who came out with us today !