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Why Are Some Fishing Trips So Early in the Morning

At Marilyn Jean Fishing, we schedule fishing times morning, afternoon, and night depending on the season. We know you have busy schedules. We want to be there at a time that is convenient for you.

But we also know that many anglers – both on our boat and those that go fishing socially –  enjoy early morning fishing because it allows them the chance to catch schools of fish before the day gets underway. Choosing when to head out to sea can be a difficult choice when organizing an ocean fishing trip. For those less experienced with the open waters, it may seem odd that fishing trips always seem to be leaving so early in the morning.

Reasons For Early Morning Fishing

There is a long and storied history of fishermen leaving home for the ocean before the sun rises. While it may be simple enough to assume this is so that anglers can get the most out of their workday, there are many other reasons that fishing is best done at the crack of dawn.

Some of these include:

  • Better Fish Activity – Fish are generally more active during the cooler temperatures of the early morning, making it a prime time for catching.
  • Less Fishing Pressure – Early morning often means fewer people are on the water, resulting in less competition for prime fishing spots.
  • Cooler Temperatures – Especially in warmer climates, the morning offers more pleasant, cooler conditions, which can make the fishing experience more comfortable.
  • Water Calmness – Winds are often less strong in the early morning, resulting in calmer waters that are easier to fish in.
  • Increased Oxygen Levels – The cooler morning temperatures can increase oxygen levels in the water, making fish more active and easier to catch.
  • Insect Activity – Many types of baitfish and insects are more active in the morning, which can attract larger fish to the surface.
  • Better Light Conditions – The soft light of early morning can make it easier to see into the water, which can be advantageous for spotting fish.
  • Less Noise and Disturbance – Fewer boats and less human activity mean a quieter, more peaceful environment, which can make fish less skittish and easier to catch.
  • Personal Enjoyment and Solitude – Many people find the peace and tranquility of an early morning on the water to be a perfect way to start the day, providing a sense of solitude and connection with nature.

Fishing before, during, or right after sunrise can create many unique and memorable moments. Despite the early hours, it can be well worth the effort and extra coffee that it takes to get out on the sea. We look forward to beginning the day with you hopping aboard our finishing boat soon, regardless of whether you’re fishing early due to a busy schedule or just because you enjoy early morning fishing.

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