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Weather Patterns and Fishing Success in New York City

NYC has amazing waters for fishing. Rain, wind, snow, or sun, we can almost always go out on the water and help you come home with some amazing fish. We encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment no matter the weather, because as long as it’s safe to go out, we’ll have a great time on the water.

But there’s no denying that weather can affect fishing in NYC. The following are a small portion of the ways that weather can play a role.

Weather Effects on Fishing

  1. Wind – Wind has a fascinating effect on fishing. Baitfish move in the direction of moderate, but not unsafe levels of wind. Baitfish also attract the big fish that you love to catch – the predatory fish. Fishing in the direction of wind can help you bring home a lot more bites.
  2. Water Temperature – Weather affects water temperature, which in turn affects which fish you are more likely to find. Blackfish, for example, prefer warmth. Striped bass. Knowing the weather helps you also determine which bait is necessary to catch the fish you want.
  3. Seasonal Variations – One of the reasons that many visitors choose to fish with Marilyn Jean is because we know what seasonal fish to expect, when, where, and how to get to the best fishing spots to catch them. Different seasons offer different fish, and we help you know where to get them.
  4. Rain – Rain changes how we catch fish. It can make it a bit more uncomfortable out on the water, but it also increases the activity of some fish, washing food into their gathering spots and making them more likely to bite.
  5. Low Pressure Systems – When there is a low pressure system passing through, you are more likely to see fish acting hungry, which in turn makes them easier to catch.
  6. Warmth – Fish are more active and hungrier when the weather outside is warmer. When it is cooler, fish may be more prone to feeling sluggish, and less likely to respond to bait.

Finding the Right Places and Times to Fish

Fishing is as much a science as it is a hobby. You have to know where to go, know when to go, and know how to make sure that you have everything you need to catch fish when you get there. Join us today to catch fresh, right here aboard the Marilyn Jean.

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