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Spring Fishing in NYC Aboard the Marilyn Jean

Spring is here, and that means that the fish are biting way more often. If you’ve been following our fishing reports, you’ve probably seen some of the many fish in the region that are being caught by some of our guests about the Marilyn Jean. Spring fishing in NYC is some of the best in the entire region, and our guests often come back with loads of delicious fish for themselves and their families.

Depending on where we go, you can find a number of different fish in NYC in spring. We try to make sure that you’re getting all different types of fish from a variety of species. Our spring fishing trips are popular with both locals and tourists, and we encourage you to book with us today to get a spot. We have gear rentals available if you need it.

What Can You Catch?

You never know what fish you’re going to catch when we go out on the water. But at any time you might find:

  • Striped Bass – We’ve caught some huge striped bass on the Marilyn Jean and have cooking tips if you’d like help making yours taste its best.
  • Bluefish – Bluefish are especially common in the spring as they migrate to NYC waters. These aggressive fish can be especially fun to catch.
  • Flounder – Flounder, also known as “Fluke,” may be small but they are absolutely delicious. Your tastebuds won’t regret walking away with flounder.
  • Blackfish – Blackfish can be tough to catch, but the sense of pride and victory you have once you grab one is second to none.
  • Weakfish – Extremely tasty, weakfish are native to the region and are a fun addition to our spring catches – although these fish are also common all year.
  • Porgy – Porgy is also more common to catch in spring, even though they’re another all-year fish. We catch a lot of Porgy about the Marilyn Jean, and our pictures show how happy our guests are when they are brought aboard.

There are other less common fish you may catch as well. Mackerel, for example, and are less common but we do catch them here and there on the boat.

Come Visit!

The weather also starts to get warmer in spring. Our cabin is air conditioned, so no matter how hot it feels, you can still come inside and cool down any time you want.

If you’ve been thinking about spring fishing in New York City, come aboard the Marilyn Jean, today. We’re sure you’ll have a great time.

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