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2023 Fishing Calendar for NYC


2023 is already looking like it will be a relatively good year of saltwater fishing in NYC. It is still early for much of the hatchery data and weather predictions that will determine how large fish populations are and where they will be located this year, but previous trends that have seen fish recovering after years of overfishing will likely continue.

This should mean that several fish species will have a relatively good year and fishing trips in NYC will likely yield an exciting year of fishing. As you are planning your fishing trips this year, be sure to keep in mind the fishing season calendar so you can head out for your favorite fishing experiences.

NYC Fishing Seasons for 2023

The fishing season and best months for different fish depend on many factors. Many of the fish that anglers go for in NYC are migratory species. They move up the Atlantic coast in the spring as waters get warmer and then head back south in the fall. Some fish, like striped bass, will also lay their eggs in rivers and bays around NYC. The reproductive season for each species will also determine when fish numbers are at their highest and fish are of the right size to catch.

In NYC, the fishing seasons for keeping certain fish are also determined by the Department of Environmental Conservation. The DEC imposes times and limits to regulate fishing and manage populations, covering most of the more popular fish in NYC:

  • Blackfish – April 1 through April 30 and October 11 through December 9
  • Striped Bass – April 15 through December 15
  • Fluke – May 1 through October 9
  • Black Sea Bass – June 23 through December 31
  • Porgy – September 1 through October 31 (when aboard a party fishing boat)
  • Cod – All Year Long
  • Ling – All Year Long
  • Bluefish – All Year Long

At Marilyn Jean Fishing, we will be running trips for all of these different fish and more throughout the year. Our daily trips have options for full day, half day, and evening trips depending on the time of year, giving you access to some of the best fishing that NYC has to offer. 

Trips are available to book several months out on our calendar so that you can guarantee your spot on board and have a chance to hit some of your favorite fishing experiences this year. See all of our schedule trips on the calendar and book your tickets.

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