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Can You Fish in the Winter in New York?


The main fishing season in New York is generally in the spring through late fall when fish like striped bass are off the coast and biting regularly. But this does not mean that you cannot still find great fishing in NYC even in the colder winter months if you know where to go.

Wintertime in NYC offers many saltwater fishing opportunities and a number of fish that will promise an exciting day on the water.

Types of Fish You Can Catch in the Winter in NYC

Several fish remain active in the waters around NYC during the winter and as the weather begins to warm near the end of February and into March, those numbers will only grow. Some of the saltwater fish that you can find in NYC during the winter include:

  • Taotog – Also called blackfish, tautog is a bottom feeding fish that puts up a good fight. You will need to access rocky areas or underwater structures where these fish like to hide. Once you get a bite, you can reel in a fish that fights back.
  • Ling – Ling live in deep water during the winter and hide within rocky structures. They are a strange looking fish, but a great tasting one as part of the cod family. Ling is a medium difficult fish to catch as it bites easily but is strong for its size.
  • Bluefish – Bluefish is one species that gives a fast-paced bite even during the winter. If you can find a school of bluefish, you will get rapid action with a good fight.

The main challenge with winter fishing in NYC is locating fish. Many of the fish that have stayed in the area all winter long will be in deeper water where the temperature is warmer and more stable. Fish will also start to be present in estuaries and closer to shore as the weather warms up and fish begin migrating into the area to lay eggs.

Winter fishing in NYC is most rewarding when you can go by boat. A party boat fishing trip in the winter can get you to the deep sea fishing locations where the bottom feeding fish will be present and also keeps you highly mobile to track all of the migrating fish populations that will become increasingly prevalent throughout the winter.

What Fish Can You Catch in Winter in NY?

Winter fishing in NYC can be extremely rewarding and you can still bring home a number of fish. It can also be a great way to get out and beat the winter blues if you are looking for things to do in NYC in the winter. You will just want to be sure to wrap up warm and in plenty of layers as temperatures can still be quite chilly.


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