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Where to Bottom Fish Around NYC

Bottom fishing involves dropping your lure to the ocean floor or the bottom of another body of water. With this method, you will catch the fish that dwell in the rocks and other structures beneath the water. It is a relatively simple yet effective way to fish in NYC that can catch you a variety of tasty fish.

When you are bottom fishing in the waters around NYC, you still have dozens of possibilities for fishing style, techniques, bait and tackle, and fish species. But getting the right location where fish are numerous is generally the first step.

Best Bottom Fishing Spots Near New York

Structures, either organic or manmade on ocean floors or lake beds, provide the ideal hiding spots for fish like ling, cod, and blackfish, as well as the prey fish they eat. Sinking a line with enough weight to hold it at the bottom of the water can attract any of these fish.

Bottom fishing works for both freshwater and saltwater fish, but the type of water will often also determine the types of structures you are looking for. Around NYC and off the NJ coast, some of the most desirable spots for bottom fishing are:

  • Bridge Pilings – NYC has dozens of bridges in the waters around the city. The pylons that form their bases often host numerous fish.
  • Wrecks – The coasts of NY and NJ have always been busy shipping lanes, and hundreds of ships have gone down over the years. Those wrecks provide great hiding spaces for fish.
  • Reefs – The Department of Environmental Conservation has built 12 artificial reefs in nearby bodies of water to give fish additional habitats, and many are open for fishing.
  • Piers – Like bridges, the piling foundations for piers can hide fish along the length of the pier, giving you easier access to deep water spots while on land.
  • Rocky Banks – Near to shore, rocky banks have hiding spots for fish that come closer to the surface. Wintertime will often bring fish into these warmer waters, but certain species will be near the banks all year.

You can access some of these places from the shore, but the best way to get to the bottom fishing spots near NYC is by boat. An NYC fishing trip can get you to the best offshore and nearshore bottom fishing spots. With Marilyn Jean Fishing, we also have up-to-date information on local species and which locations are yielding a good catch.

For those wanting to bottom fish in the top spots around NYC with an experienced team and a comfortable boat, book a trip with us today.

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