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NYC Vacation Activities for Summer: Fishing

There is so much to do in New York City. It is one of the most active, most vibrant, and most diverse cities in the world. Anyone looking for a vacation will have an opportunity to enjoy a wealth of activities so vast, it would take months to get through even a small fraction of what Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of NYC has to offer.

But what NYC vacation activity ideas interest you? If you’re like many out of town visitors, the activity with the most appeal isn’t in the city itself. It’s on the water, fishing aboard the Marilyn Jean.

Why Consider a NYC Fishing Vacation?

New York City is known for its tall skyscrapers, fancy restaurants, and so much more. But what many people forget is that it is also right on the water. Manhattan is quite literally an island, Brooklyn is almost entirely surrounded by water. Staten Island is also an island and Queens and The Bronx also touch the Hudson River and the Long Island Sound.

That means there are plenty of opportunities for some amazing fishing, and while we all love the look of the ocean, there is something very beautiful about being out on the water and seeing all the buildings and monuments from the boat. You may not traditionally think of fishing when you think of NYC vacation activities, but it is a thriving and enjoyable activity all year for both locals and visitors alike.

It is especially fun in summer, at least if you choose the right boat. Summer in NYC can be very hot, and exploring places like Times Square can be exhausting with the humidity and people. But on a boat like ours at the Marilyn Jean, where we have an air conditioned main cabin and cooler air while out on the water, you can enjoy better weather and a more comfortable temperature while you fish our active waters.

At Marilyn Jean Fishing, you also have everything you need to enjoy the trip on vacation:

  • All the fishing equipment and gear for rent.
  • All the bait you need for the fish that are available.
  • Optional snack bar (you can bring your own food and drinks).

Marilyn Jean Fishing is one of the most popular NYC vacation activities all throughout the year, but it is especially enjoyable in the hot summer months when walking around in the sweltering heat doesn’t sound quite as fun for most visitors.

Sign Up Today

We gladly take walk ins if spaces allows, but our adventures fill up quickly, especially in the popular summer months. We know how many NYC vacation activities there are to enjoy, but this is one that we are confident that fishing lovers are going to appreciate. Book your spot now.

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