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Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Fishermen

With Christmas literally just around the corner, now is the last chance to pick up any Christmas gifts that you still need. Unfortunately, there is likely no time left to ship most gifts. Yet there are still many gifts that any anglers in your life will enjoy and that you can have before Christmas day.

Gifts that you can get from a local store or gift cards and services you can purchase online will guarantee that you will have a gift under the tree on Christmas Day, and these are some favorites to get for avid fishermen.

Gifts for Friends and Family MembersWho Enjoy Fishing

Getting fishing equipment for a friend or family member who often goes fishing can be somewhat of a challenge if you are not also enthusiastic about fishing yourself. It helps if you know what type of fishing they typically do, whether that is freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing, or another style, and what kind of fish they normally go for. This can help guide you in the gifts that you get.

Even if you are unsure of the specifics, with the gift ideas we have provided below, you can choose different products to adapt them to different kinds of fishermen or they have some ability for the receiver to customize them to best support their fishing experience. Best of all, they require no shipping time so you will have them ready prior to Christmas:

  • Store Bought Gifts – Some items for anglers that you can get at many of your local stores include a new cooler, polarized sunglasses, or even a good pair of wool socks or a hat for the colder days.
  • Fishing Subscription Boxes – There are many fishing subscription boxes available with the option to choose different ones based on the preferred fish species and the number of items you want to send your recipient every month, as well as a selection for how many months of subscription boxes you want to send. These are great options because your recipient can continue getting gifts well after the holidays, and the changing items mean that there will be something that your friend or family member is sure to like. Good options include the Mystery Tackle Box which has several unique tackle items in each box and MonsterBass with items chosen specifically for bass fishing in different regions.
  • Fishing App Subscription – Various apps can help anglers track fish schools, record top catches, and provide a wealth of other information to help them make the most out of their fishing trips. Gifting the pro version of these apps can make for a nice holiday gift and provide a valuable service that an angler can continue using throughout the year. You can find out if your friend already has a preferred app, or check out options like Fishbrain or Bass Forecast.
  • Gift Cards for Fishing Trips – A E-gift card is another nice gift for now that an angler can use later. For anglers living in NYC, one great option is a gift card for the Marilyn Jean which offers party boat fishing trips departing from Sheepshead Bay to some of the top locations off the coast of NYC. We fish for striped bass, blackfish, ling, cod, and a variety of other local fish species. 

Whatever you choose to get for the angler in your life, anything that helps them get out on the water more often and more comfortably is sure to be a welcome gift. If you are considering a gift card for Marilyn Jean Fishing, it is worth knowing that all equipment and bait are included so that your friend can join whether or not they already have equipment and experience for saltwater fishing.

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