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Winter Striped Bass Fishing in New York


Striped bass are one of the most exciting fish to go for around New York. Their impressive size and the flight they put up when you hook one is Enough to make for a thrilling day on the water for fishermen of any experience level.

But the best part is that striped bass fishing does not end when the weather starts to get cold. While stripers are not as active when temperatures drop below 50 degrees, there are still many in the area around NYC and you can catch good-sized bass as long as you know where to go.

How to Catch Striped Bass in the Winter Months

Catch and release striper fishing in the winter can still yield decent results. The bass will have fed heavily in the fall to prepare for the leaner times, in addition to being older, meaning that there are large size bass ready to be caught in local waters. New York is far enough south that many will still remain. It is all about finding the right location and having the right methods to catch bass. The following tips can help:

  • Find the Right Location – Before the breeding season starts, many stripers stay in deeper water throughout most of the day where the temperatures do not fluctuate as much. Throughout the winter, bass will often be further out and low in the water column.
  • Location Changes with Time – Bass will come into shallower areas to feed because that is where their prey is. This is also a better time to catch bass since they are actively feeding and looking for a meal. Timing your fishing trips around feeding times, generally early morning or evening, and going to the areas where baths are likely to feed will yield better results.
  • Look for Warm Areas – To escape colder temperatures, striped bass in New York will look for warmer water. This includes spots that receive ample sun throughout the day and have rocks or jetties around them to absorb that heat and then disperse it into the water. Areas where rivers or bays meet with the ocean are also good since the water in these tributaries will generally be warmer.

With the right location, the next step for catching striped bass in the winter is the right technique. Stripers are less active in cold weather and will conserve their energy. They will not go for food unless it is a larger meal. This means that any lures or baits that you use need to be enough to tempt a striper, so do not skimp with your baits.

Although fish are moving slower at this time of year, if you are casting for bass as opposed to trolling, the bait still needs to be moving fast enough to activate the bass’s predator response. Using a sharp upward movement with your bait or lure can help draw the fish’s eye and provoke it into biting.

To help you take advantage of all of the great winter striped bass fishing in New York, Marilyn Jean Fishing has fishing trips for stripers nearly every day throughout December and into the later winter months. Our trips are evening trips that depart at 7pm to provide a great fishing experience when local striped bass populations are feeding and most active.

With our frequent trips, we are also able to track the best locations for stripers from day to day so that we can take you right to fishing hotspots and help you get the most out of your evening NYC fishing trip. Purchase your tickets to reserve a spot on the Marilyn Jean and join one of our daily winter striped bass fishing trips.

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