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Making Summer Fishing Plans in NYC

Now that the weather is finally warmed up and the official start of summer is just around the corner, you have almost endless options for outdoor plans. Because the next few months will also coincide with the height of fishing in NYC, those who enjoy being outdoors with a fishing pole and the occasional catch have a variety of options for fishing in NYC.

While the entire state of New York is known for fishing, particularly in many of the waterways upstate that support record fly fishing, you do not have to leave the city for a great fishing experience. Many great fishing spots are easily accessible from throughout NYC even when you have only an evening or single day.

NYC Fishing Spots for This Summer

There are fishing spots for a peaceful afternoon or rapid fire catches, and everything in between. Some of the local spots to check out by you include:

  • Central Park – With a range of fishing options for adults and kids, Central Park is a great destination although it can get a little crowded in the summer.
  • City Parks – Every borough has one or more parks with ponds or lakes that are traditionally well stocked with a variety of fish such as perch, bluegills, sunfish, and others available for catch and release fishing.
  • Brooklyn Bridge – Fishing around Brooklyn Bridge has great options for estuary fishing where you can get both saltwater and freshwater fish. It is also a prime spot for blue crab.
  • Hudson River – Multiple piers and parks along the Hudson River give the option to catch striped bass, largemouth bass, catfish, perch, and more than 70 other species.
  • Shore Fishing – With miles of coastline and bays around NYC, shore fishing is an accessible way to fish for many saltwater species, but you will need the right equipment.
  • Boat Fishing – Going out on an NYC fishing boat offers exciting options for offshore and deep sea fishing. Marilyn Jean Fishing runs multiple trips almost every day in the summer, with full day, half day, and evening fishing trips available to catch some of the area’s most exciting fish including striped bass, black fish, cod, and others.

With the extensive range of places to fish in NYC, you can find your perfect spot for fishing or try out a variety of new locations and fishing styles throughout the summer. Get a head start in planning by scoping out your local NYC fishing spots and booking your tickets on the Marilyn Jean online today.

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