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May 24, 2023 – Fishing Report – Fluke, Blues, and Bass

We went out on May 24th, like we do every day. This time, in our morning trip, the crowd was lighter, so we decided to look for Fluke (summer flounder). It was a success. Our guests caught a lot of keepers, and also grabbed a lot of shorts that we released back into the water. Overall, a really solid morning of fishing:

We also went out on the water from 7pm to 12am for our evening trip. Our guests caught a lot of blues and bass, which were biting even more than we expected. Hard to get some good photos in the dark, but you can see the size of some of these bad boys that our guests took home with them. These are going to taste great for the next several days:

As always, make sure you come join us and grab a ride on the Marilyn Jean. You can book your tickets right on our website, or call Anthony at 347-952-1442 or Captain Tony at 646-413-1643.

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