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Tips for Cooking Freshly Caught Striped Bass

2023’s fishing season in NYC is incredibly strong this year. A few days ago, we were able to catch an entire full boat of striped bass, with our fishing trip guests bringing home dozens of fish to cook with their families.

With freshly caught fish, simple is almost always better. But everyone has their own preference. The following are some tips for cooking freshly caught striped bass:

  • Keep it Simple – Salt, pepper, and maybe some lemon juice (if you like) is all that is usually needed for some really tasty striped bass. Garlic and butter are very popular too. If you’re not sure, start with just salt and pepper and add based on taste.
  • Avoid Overcooking – First and foremost, make sure you are carefully monitoring your striped bass as you cook it and avoid overcooking. Striped bass is delicate, and overcooked striped bass can really ruin the flavor experience and profile. Grilling should be on medium high heat with about 5 minutes or so per side. Baking should be 375 for no more than 20 minutes.
  • Pair it With Food – Striped bass pairs well with many other foods and wines. Roasted vegetables taste great with striped bass, and many people enjoy it with rice pilaf or quinoa. Foods with a citrus taste also popular, especially if you enjoy lemon juice on your striped bass.
  • Pair it with Beer or Wine – Traditionally, beverages with a citrus-y mouthfeel tend to be popular for pairing with striped bass. Belgian ales, wheat beers, and wines like chardonnay and sauvignon blanc are all great choices.
  • Eat it Fast – You can store freshly caught striped bass in the freezer if you like, but it is much better tasting if you eat it on the same day you caught it. Since we do a lot of night fishing, you can eat it the next day, storing it in your refrigerator, and it should still have a great taste.

Everyone has their own preferences, and there are many ways to cook striped bass that may be different from the norm. For example, many Asian inspired dishes used striped bass with soy sauce and other flavorings. Most people tend to prefer the natural flavor, but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting – especially if you walk away with a lot of fish during your expedition.

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