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How to Introduce Your Kids to Fishing in NYC on a Party Boat Fishing Trip

Whether your family are already avid anglers or you are looking for something interesting to do with your children, a fishing trip has a lot to offer. Kids will have a chance to be out on the water, learn the ins and outs of catching fish, spend time bonding with you and learning about your past fishing experiences,  and maybe even have the thrill of eating a catch they reeled in for dinner that night.

Since a party boat is an open-boat fishing trip and the public is welcome aboard, it can be a great option when you are first trying offshore fishing with your kids. The range of people aboard means you will be fishing alongside people of all experience levels and maybe other families as well.

Tips to Help Your Children’s Fishing Trip Go Well

If you have been fishing before, you know that it can often involve a significant amount of sitting and waiting, which can oftentimes be terrible for high energy kids. To make sure the trip is enjoyable for both you and your kids, take a moment to honestly assess their attention span and capabilities.

The main challenge with party boat fishing for kids is that there is no getting off once the trip has started. For this reason, you might try a few hours of lake or river fishing elsewhere in New York first

to get an idea if your kids have an interest in fishing at all and will be able to last for a longer offshore fishing trip.

If they are ready to go, then take these tips into account when booking and planning your fishing excursion:

  • Book a Half Day Trip – A half day trip will have you out on the water for about four hours, which is enough time for most kids to get the experience, catch a few fish, and then head back before they start getting bored.
  • Choose the Right Fish – Porgies are often a recommended fish for children since the action is quick and they are relatively easy. Mackerel is another relatively easy fish.
  • Lifejackets – Your kids should wear well-fitting lifejackets the entire time they are on the dock and water to prevent any accidents.
  • Bring Snacks – Make sure you have snacks with you to keep everyone’s energy up throughout the trip and keep any irritability due to hunger away.
  • Bring Distraction – A small board game or a phone or table with games on it can help keep kids entertained if they lose interest in fishing.
  • Consider Seasickness Medication – Some children can be more sensitive to the rocking of the boat. Avoid eating just before going out and talk to your child’s doctor if motion sickness medication might be appropriate.

Fishing is a great experience for people of all ages and many kids who get started fishing early often enjoy it for the rest of their lives. Get your children started with this lifelong hobby or plan to enjoy a nice day out on the Marilyn Jean, a family friendly fishing boat in NYC. You can find upcoming half day trips that are ideal for children and purchase tickets on the online calendar.

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