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Regulations for Striped Bass Fishing in NYC

Fishing for striped bass is one of the more exciting fishing trips you can experience in NYC. Hooking a monster 70 striper and successfully bringing it to deck can easily be the day’s most memorable catch. But the demand for this particular fish species has led to significant overfishing in the past and many striped bass fisheries are dealing with decreased numbers, leading this fish to become a threatened species.

In order to preserve striped bass and ensure the enjoyment for future generations of anglers, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation has imposed a few different regulations on striped bass fishing. Being familiar with these regulations means you know what to expect when heading out on a striped bass fishing trip.

Fishing Regulations for NYC Striped Bass Party Boats

One of the main regulations for all fishing in NYC is that, if you will be fishing on your own and are over the age of 16, you are required to have the correct fishing license. This is not required when onboard a licensed party boat as the party boat captain and crew assume responsibility for your fishing and meeting all requirements.

For striped bass in particular, you are limited in what fish you can harvest. When you are in marine waters south of the George Washington Bridge, you are allowed to harvest one fish that meets the following requirements:

  • Caught between April 15 and December 15
  • Has a slot size between 28 and 35 inches.

All other stripers that you catch must be released.

In order to facilitate catch and release efforts, as of 2021 the DEC requires striped bass fishing to be done using a circle hook when fishing with live baits. These hooks reduce the risk of deep hooking if the fish swallows the hook, and will reduce the risk of fatal injury as you unhook and throw the fish back into the water. The purpose of these hooks is to reduce unnecessary deaths from fish that have been caught and released.

Fishing with a circle hook involves a slightly different process than the standard J hook. When you get a bite, you will need to:

  • Lower your rod so that the tip of the rod is pointing at the fish.
  • Reel in quickly and continue reeling for an additional five seconds once the line becomes tight.
  • Raise the rod and reel more slowly to bring the fish the rest of the way in.

Under DEC regulations, you will need to catch and release any additional stripers beyond the one you want to keep, or those caught outside of the designated season, although you do have time for a quick picture if you catch a trophy fish.

To release the fish, you will need to move quickly and limit time exposed to air. Additionally, keep your hands wet while handling the fish and never hold the fish near its eyes or gills. . Gently remove the hook from the fish’s mouth. If the fish has been deep hooked, cut the line as close as possible and leave the hook where it is.

One benefit of fishing on the Marilyn Jean is that we are familiar with all NYC fishing regulations to help you focus on fishing while we make sure you are following environmental rules. We can help with removing the hook and releasing the fish as well as harvesting any striped bass that your party does intend to keep. This is a great advantage whether you are a new angler or already experienced in the sport.

Striped bass season is coming up, so keep your eye on our online calendar to book your trip when tickets become available.

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