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How to Bring Your Fishing Gear to NYC

If you have a trip planned to NYC and want to take advantage of opportunities for fishing when you get here, you will need your fishing equipment, including rods, reels, tackle, and any other items you rely on. It is possible to travel with all of this on your trip to NYC so you have everything you need when you get here whether you are planning on freshwater fishing in New York in the Catskills or further upstate or saltwater fishing here in NYC or on Long Island.

But traveling comes with challenges and you want to make every effort to protect any fragile equipment in the process. Packing everything correctly is necessary to avoid any damage or having items confiscated by TSA as you are going through airport security. These tips will ensure you have your fishing-related baggage packed correctly for a safe journey to NYC?

Planning Your Packing List

The equipment you bring with you will depend on what type of fishing you will be doing. For any charter boat fishing or surf fishing, you will likely want at least one or two trolling rods. You might also bring a lighter traveling rod for a few more laid back fishing experiences.

You will also need a selection of tackle, including hooks and lures. Limiting what you bring solely for the fish you plan on catching can help save on space. Also read up on any rules regarding allowed fishing equipment so you do not bring something you cannot use.

For saltwater fishing in NYC, most of the best fishing is with live bait that you can purchase once you arrive, eliminating the need to pack your own.

There is always some risk when traveling that something may be broken, lost, or confiscated. This is a good reason to consider carefully what you will bring and potentially leave your more valuable fishing equipment at home.

Packing Fishing Rods on a Vacation

The most difficult piece to travel with will almost always be the rods because of their size and their fragility. There is nothing worse than arriving on vacation to find one of your rods broke in transit, so you will want to be extremely careful during this part.

Getting these rods safely to their destination requires the correct packing methods whether you are driving or going by plane. A hard side rod case is a straightforward solution that you can buy online or at a local tackle shop. A single case can often hold several of your rods and will prevent them from getting broken in transit.

You can also make a DIY rod case by cutting a piece of PVC pipe to size and taping over the ends to keep your rods inside.

Whichever solution you use for a rod case, you will also want to wrap before placing them in the case as this will prevent them from jostling around and breaking. Bubble wrap is always reliable, but if you have the original packing material, that is also a good option. If traveling with multiple rods, you can either secure them all together and wrap them, or wrap them individually.

Most airlines will allow a hard rod case as either a carry-on or checked baggage, although you should check with your airline for specific measurements. If your rod case does fit as a carry-on, this is often the preferred method as you can be sure to handle your rods safely throughout the trip. However, careful packing should keep rods safe even if you do check them.

Traveling with Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle requires some additional consideration when traveling in regards to going through airport security. If you are going by car or train, simply pack your tackle in a secure place. But if you are traveling by plane, be aware of TSA regulations when packing your bags.

The TSA will allow through reels and smaller fragile tackle that does not “pose a security threat” through security in your carry-on bags. However, there are no definitive guidelines as to what may be allowed through and the final decision rests with the TSA officer on duty. For this reason, it is best to avoid bringing any equipment and risk it being confiscated by the TSA.

Instead, simply putting all tackle into your checked baggage is often the best choice. Still take care in packing to avoid any injury during a TSA search by wrapping any hooks or lures with sharp points so that nothing is exposed.

As another consideration when choosing whether to check or carry on fishing equipment, anything unusual is usually better to check so that you do not face any holdups in TSA while they sort through luggage.

If you do get stopped at any point in security for fishing equipment, answer any questions honestly and do not argue. In the worst case scenario, you can buy tackle and gear when you get to NYC.

Renting Rods and Reels in NYC

With its many fishing opportunities, NYC also has a range of options if you prefer not to bring your own fishing equipment. You can instead rent one when you get here, or join one of the many fishing experiences that will provide them. On the Maryland Jean, a top fishing trip for NYC visitors, we supply rods, reels, and bait with the cost of a ticket, and have tackle available.

This gives you the option to pack more easily and simply show up to fish without needing to worry about getting your own equipment here. The docks for the Marilyn Jean are located conveniently in Brooklyn, with convenient access to all of the major visitor and tourist destinations in NYC.

We depart at different times of the day, offering a wide variety of fishing trips for some of the area’s most popular fish, including striped bass, cod, blackfish, and more. If you are planning a fishing trip in NYC, whether or not you will be bringing your own equipment, plan to join us for a trip aboard the Marilyn Jean for a memorable bottom fishing experience in NYC. Check out our available trips and purchase your tickets online.

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