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Why You Should Consider Lingcod Fishing for Your Next Trip

Between the saltwater and freshwater bodies of water around NYC, local anglers and visiting fishermen have lots of options when choosing what type of fish they want to hook. Ling, also known as red hake, is one option for bottom fishing around New York City that makes for a great day of fishing and a tasty dinner.

Ling is a member of the cod family. Many anglers admit it does not have the same visual appeal as cod – they are generally a reddish or olive brown color and have a long body with a dorsal fin that runs from head to tail – but fresh ling taste great. If you are planning a fishing trip around NYC, consider spending a morning or full day fishing for ling.

Best Parts of Ling Fishing in NYC

Since it is a type of cod, you will often find ling in the same locations, but you will have no problem differentiating them once you reel in ling. Their long bodies and muddy coloring look different from cod. Their teeth will also set them apart. Ling have rows of sharp teeth that are coated in an anticoagulant. Fun to catch and good to eat, you will want to keep your fingers away from the teeth when you reel one in.

Despite their look, ling offer some great advantages over other fish in the area:

  • Active All Year Long – The best times for ling are late summer when the fish are largest and plentiful, but you can catch ling in NYC in any month. Fishing for ling with an experienced crew and captain can help you find the spots where these fish are most active in any season.
  • Tasty Fish – Ling has a flaky texture and firm flesh. It is often compared to both cod and lobster in terms of texture, but the taste is stronger than cod. Ling does not freeze well, so it should be kept on ice and eaten as soon as possible after you catch it.
  • Easier to Catch – This is not to say ling is simple, but they are not as likely to break your line. If you are newer to fishing or looking for a less active trip, the techniques for ling fishing can be simpler to grasp and most anglers can expect a plentiful catch.
  • Same Bait as Cod – In addition to living in the same locations, ling and cod will also go after the same bait. You can often go after both on a single trip to increase your chances of catching fish on your trip.

The main challenge with ling – besides those sharp teeth – is that they can be difficult to hook near shore. They prefer deep waters where they can hunt around rocks, shipwrecks, and other structures with plenty of hiding places.

Getting out on a fishing charter boat in NYC can take you directly to where the lingcod are. At Marilyn Jean Fishing, we lead ling fishing trips all year long, departing nearly every day from Sheepshead Bay. Our trips provide high quality ling bait and we have reels and tackle available for rent.

Our up-to-date fleet is also equipped with all of the features you need to have a comfortable out at sea hooking ling, and our team knows how to get you for the hottest spots to guarantee a successful day. Book your fishing trip here on our website today.

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